Fixed Displacement Piston Motors

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Optimized, in so many ways.

Danfoss’ fixed displacement motors are designed for use in mobile equipment using existing and proven technology. These motors have been optimized around product life, package size, option variety, and low installation effort.

Danfoss fixed displacement piston motors offer a wide range of capacities, with displacements ranging from 12 cm3 to 125 cm3 [0.75 in3 to 7.6 in3] and continuous pressure ranges from 210 bar to 480 bar [3,000 psi to 7,000 psi].

Product range

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    Fixed displacement bent-axis hydraulic motor

    Danfoss H1F fixed displacement, bent-axis hydraulic motors can be used in open- and closed-circuit applications. With proven H1 technology and up to 95% efficiency, H1F also features a short length and 32-degree angle.

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    MP1 fixed motors

    MP1 motor is our next generation of fixed displacement axial piston motors. MP1 motors deliver best-in-class package size and efficiency, installation versatility, and provide great solutions for propel, work function, and Fan Drive system for your mobile applications.

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    Series 40 (M35/M44) Motors

    Danfoss Series 40 (M35/M44) motors are medium power variable axial piston motors with rigid, cast-iron housing, and are especially idea for fan drives. Displacements range from 35cc to 46cc, and pressure ranges from 350 Bar to 415 Bar.

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    Danfoss 741xx and 743xx medium-power fixed motors

    Danfoss 741 and 743 medium-pressure fixed motors feature flexible design and configuration options, including displacement, output shaft, bearing assembly, port configuration, mounting flange, and more.

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