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OMT/OMV series, the flexible choice

The OMT/OMV series is our flexible choice. Delivering premium power for large motors, medium to heavy-duty needs with pressure capability up to 275 bar (3,990 psi). Robust, reliable and designed with passion to care for our customers needs.

OMT/OMV series characteristics

Motors with corrosion resistant parts  

Wheel motors with recessed mounting flange

Motors with needle bearings

Motors in low leakage version

Motors with integrated brake

Motors with speed sensor 

Features and benefits

Corrosion-resistant to withstand the most challenging conditions 

Dust seal cap for resistance to high dust concentrations

Robust cardan shaft for longer life in demanding applications

Low leakage version for energy savings

Recessed mounting flange on wheel motors, giving optimal utilization of bearing capacity 

Application opportunities

Our medium-size motors are easily installed in, for example, forklift trucks, turf care machinery, aerial lifts, winches, harvesting and planting equipment, sweepers and spreaders.

Product range

  • Displacement [cm³/rev] [Min] 160
  • Displacement [cm³/rev] [Max] 500
  • Displacement [in³/rev] [Min] 9.77
  • Displacement [in³/rev] [Max] 30.51
  • Continuous oil flow [L/min] [Max] 125
  • Continuous oil flow [gal/min] [Max] 33
  • Intermediate output [hp] [Max] 54
  • Intermediate output [kW] [Max] 40
  • Intermediate pressure drop [bar] [Max] 240
  • Intermediate pressure drop [psi] [Max] 3480


Orbital motor - OMT
  • Displacement [cm³/rev] [Min] 315
  • Displacement [cm³/rev] [Max] 800
  • Displacement [in³/rev] [Min] 19.22
  • Displacement [in³/rev] [Max] 48.82
  • Continuous oil flow [L/min] [Max] 200
  • Continuous oil flow [gal/min] [Max] 53
  • Intermediate output [hp] [Max] 86
  • Intermediate output [kW] [Max] 64
  • Intermediate pressure drop [bar] [Max] 240
  • Intermediate pressure drop [psi] [Max] 3480


Orbital motor - OMV

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Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
User guide OMT and OMV ATEX Certified Technical Information English Multiple 24 Jun, 2021 2.7 MB .pdf
User guide OMT/OMV Orbital Motors Technical Information Japanese Multiple 24 May, 2023 3.6 MB .pdf
User guide OMT/OMV Orbital Motors Technical Information English Multiple 14 Sep, 2021 4.6 MB .pdf

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