Welded cylinders - W series

Virtually eliminate system leaks

Danfoss industrial welded cylinders are custom engineered with high-yield-strength steel to keep your systems operating smoother, stronger and longer. W series cylinders feature advanced sealing technology to virtually eliminate system leaks. 

  • Robust construction - Able to withstand high pressures
  • Smooth - Smooth and dependable
  • Custom - Designed to your specifications

Performance you can count on

The piloted ductile iron piston is one piece to ensure concentricity. A steel port boss creates a full-thread, pressure-tight porting connection. A mechanically loaded piston and innovative rod seals prevent seal leakage.

Engineered for high-pressure applications

W series hydraulic cylinders have a pressure rating of up to 207 bar (3,000 psi). Need higher pressure capacity? Let us customize a solution for you.

Built to last

Our products are made with high-yield-strength steel, resulting in industrial-grade cylinders. The precision-machined ductile iron gland provides a long bearing surface for side-loading resistance, preventing seal failure

Comprehensive size options

Our W series cylinders are available in standard bore sizes of 4 in (102 mm) to 12 in (305 mm), and stroke length of up to 300 in (7,620 mm).

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