RX Roof and gutter deicing controls

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Danfoss RX roof and gutter deicing controls

Controls for roof and gutter deicing

Danfoss RX Roof and Gutter controls are easy to install and by precisely sensing both moisture and temperature conditions, they only turn on when needed increasing energy savings.

Our range of controls comprises the DS-8C remote sensor/controller for commercial applications, and the RX1200 roof and gutter de-icing controller for residential applications.

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Comfort and safety solutions for indoor and outdoor applications

Our portfolio comprises indoor and outdoor electric heating products ideal for many applications including indoor floor heating, snow & ice melting, pipe tracing, thermal storage and roof/gutter de-icing.

Product range

  • RX Residential controls
    RX Controls for residential applications

    RX1200 Roof and Gutter De-icing Controller offers an easy, no maintenance operation and is designed for use with Danfoss RX Kits in residential applications.

  • Commercial controls
    RX Controls for commercial applications

    The DS-8C is designed for roof and gutter/snow melting applications with Danfoss RX-C cables. It senses both moisture & temperature conditions in gutters or down spouts, and is suitable for powering commercial applications.

Related products

  • Danfoss RX kit with clips for residential roof and gutter de-icing
    RX kits - for roof and gutter deicing in residential buildings

    Danfoss RX Kits provide the protection needed to prevent ice dams and build-up from damaging residential buildings, roofs, and gutters.

  • Danfoss RX-C cables for commercial roof and gutter de-icing
    RX-C cables - for roof and gutter de-icing in commercial buildings

    Danfoss RX-C roof and gutter de-icing self-regulating cables provide the protection needed to prevent ice dams and build-up from damaging commercial buildings, roofs, and gutters.

  • Residential accessories
    Residential accessories

    Residential accessories for use with RX Kits.

  • Commercial accessories
    Commercial accessories

    Commercial accessories for use with RX-C cables include power connection kits, splice kits, glue, roof clips and more...