Cables - for ice and snow melting, frost protection

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Flexible and simple to install

Here at Danfoss, we pride ourselves on producing high quality engineered electric heating systems, designed to improve the comfort, safety, and quality of daily living, and aid in the conservation of energy. The Danfoss ice and snow melting cable portfolio includes snow & ice melting cables, pipe tracing cables, and roof/gutter de-icing cables.

Danfoss offers GX snow melting cables, PX pipe tracing cables, Ice Guard self-regulating cables, and RX roof and gutter deicing cables.

Features and benefits

Fast and easy to install

Multiple application options

Increase safety and comfort

Quality, reliable products

Electric heating systems are virtually maintenance free

Snow melting and de-icing solutions

Snow melting and de-icing solutions

Improve outdoor safety by clearing ice and snow build-up with ice and snow melting cables. Danfoss ice and snow melting cables eliminate the need for costly snow melting chemicals that can cause damage, and are available for a variety of applications from driveway to steps to roof and gutter, and even pipes...

Product range

  • Gx Snow melting cables
    GX cables - for snow melting

    GX Snow melting cables are available in a wide range of voltages (208V, 240V, 277V, 480V, 600V) and lengths (from 40ft. to 940ft). The GX cable allows for more flexibility during installation as the cables may be spaced at different increments depending on your application area.

  • Pipe freeze protection / self regulating cables
    PX cables - for pipe tracing, and freeze protection

    During winter, problems with frost in fresh water pipes, waste water pipes, cooling water pipes, supply water pipes and sprinkler systems can be avoided by heating the pipes with self-regulating Ice Guard and PX cables. 

  • Roof and gutter deicing cables
    RX cables - for roof and gutter deicing

    Danfoss RX Cables provide the protection needed to prevent ice dams and build-up from damaging residential and commercial buildings, roofs, and gutters.