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Improve defrost performance and reduce energy consumption

The ICFD defrost module is a compact, liquid-based drain module packaged into our acclaimed ICF Flexline™ valve station, uniting the well-known benefits of the Danfoss ICF technology with the most efficient defrost method into one state-of-the-art defrost solution for industrial refrigeration applications.

This unique combination allows for an evaporator with ICF valve stations to be equipped across the wet suction, liquid, hot gas, and defrost drain lines, providing an impressive range of benefits including improved operational efficiency, easy installation, and significant energy savings.

The ICFD Defrost Module is available in one size: ICFD 20, which covers evaporators up to 200 kW (58 TR) and is fully compatible with ICF 15-4, ICF 20-4, and ICF 20-6.

Features and benefits

Reduced energy consumption

Improved defrost performance

Improved job site efficiency

Broad application range

Easy system design

Product photo of the ICFD defrost module by Danfoss on a blue radar/spiderweb like background with subtle outlines of snow flakes

Liquid drain module for the ICF valve station

Improve defrost performance and reduce energy consumption

Watch installation & service video of the ICFD defrost module

Watch installation & service video

Product range


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Installation guide ICFD 20/ ICFD 20C Defrost Module - Disassembly / Assembly English Multiple 05 Jun, 2019 1.7 MB .pdf
Data sheet Spare parts and accessories, Valve station types ICF 15, ICF EVRAT, ICF 20, ICF 25, ICF SS 20, ICF SS 25, ICF 50, ICF 65 English Multiple 11 Mar, 2022 3.4 MB .pdf
Data sheet Valve station, type ICF 15, ICF 20, ICF 25, ICF 50 and ICF 65 English Multiple 20 Sep, 2023 22.5 MB .pdf
Installation guide Valve station, Types ICF 15, ICF 20, ICF 25, ICF SS 20 and ICF SS 25 German; English; Spanish, Castilian; French; Polish; Portuguese; Russian; Chinese (CN) Multiple 22 Nov, 2022 6.6 MB .pdf


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