Brazed plate heat exchangers for refrigeration

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30 years of constant development

The performance and efficiency of the brazed plate heat exchanger (BPHE) have been proven through 30 years of constant development to ensure high thermal efficiency leading to energy savings in air conditioning systems.

With its ingenious construction of corrugated plates, the BPHE offers you one of the most efficient ways to transfer heat from one medium to another.

The modular concept of the BPHE with totally customizable parts allows you to find the right solution for any air conditioning system. The BPHE is a cost-effective solution that saves space, saves refrigerant, and saves energy.

Features and benefits

Compact size, low weight

High working pressures (for use with refrigerant R 410A; up to 45 bar (653 psig))

High efficiency evaporator closer approach temperatures

Reduced risk of freezing

Low internal hold-up volume

Less pressure drop to reduce pumping costs and pump size

High design flexibility with many connections & configurations options

High-quality manufacturing


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Calculating plate heat exchangers has never been easier with Hexact - the heat exchanger design software. It is now easier than ever to identify the right heat exchanger for your chiller, heat pump or other applications.