Prosa IoT for Point of Sales

  • Overview

Always on, enabling smart assets

Make data driven decisions to grow your business. Danfoss Prosa IoT provides a flexible data management tool that addresses the complexity of the marketing equipment while controlling and minimising costs, and increasing revenues.


Our values

Our solution

Our solution today enables the most important functionality with Always on connectivity

Always on connectivity

  • End-to-end equipment logistics
  • Unique identification
  • Remote configuration
  • Geo-location
  • Unauthorized equipment position warning
  • Ability to block cooling and operating
  • Comprehensive diagnostic information
  • Alarms management
  • Remote fixing tentative through Prosa expert system
  • Flexible sales and consumption analysis by point of sales, by brand, by hour/day/week
  • Equipment productivity
  • Stock level computed through sell-in/sell-out comparison
  • Algorithmic stock computation: empty, full, running
  • Marketing info grasped on site with Bluetooth (BLE)
  • Ability to deploy smart services to the consumer
  • Improved location accuracy with Wi-Fi scanning
  • Pinpoint location with GPS
  • Geo-fencing of equipment