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Save time and money

It’s a common issue: An urgent software update or operating parameter change needs to be made to an entire fleet of machines that may be scattered all over the region, country, or world. In the past, team leaders would need to be instructed to manually update each machine, or technicians would need be sent to each job site — time-consuming, expensive propositions.

Now, Danfoss Telematics solutions can update the entire fleet remotely in just minutes.

Danfoss Telematics solutions include an easy-to-use web-based access portal that runs on virtually any internet-connected device, so software and parameter updates can be sent to one machine or an entire fleet from a laptop or smartphone. We understand that time is money. Save both with Danfoss Telematics solutions.

Remote service advantages include

Multiple PLUS+1® controllers can be updated on a machine all at once

An entire fleet can be updated in a single operation

PLUS+1® product-to-product integration and data acquisition

Real-time parameter and software updates

Easier documentation

Related products

  • PLUS+1® MC microcontrollers
    PLUS+1® MC microcontrollers

    Our powerful PLUS+1® microcontrollers bring intelligence to every node of a distributed control system. And they are equally effective for stand-alone control in smaller machines.

  • PLUS+1® I/O modules
    PLUS+1® input/output modules

    Our CAN-based PLUS+1® input/output (I/O) modules are stackable microcontroller add-ons providing smooth and effective hydraulic vehicle control functions.

  • PLUS+1® sensors
    PLUS+1® sensors

    Our temperature or pressure-detecting sensors link your machine functions to the control system. PLUS+1® compliance supports easy integration.

  • PLUS+1® software system on a computer screen
    PLUS+1® software

    Our powerful programming environment will increase your engineering productivity and help you bring high-performing, intelligent vehicles to market.

  • PLUS+1® software services, support and training
    PLUS+1® software services, support and training

    You can count on Danfoss quality and technical expertise when it comes to Software services, support and training.

Related solutions

  • Anti-theft

    Danfoss Telematics solutions incorporate robust anti-theft technology to help keep expensive investments safe and businesses running.

  • Efficiency management
    Efficiency management

    With Danfoss Telematics solutions, it’s easy to track and monitor the efficiency-related data that can make a difference to profitability. Leading to that managers can make decisions to drive improvement. 

  • Enhanced connectivity
    Enhanced connectivity

    With true global remote CAN connection, mobile Web portal access, and localized Wi-Fi capabilities, Danfoss Telematics solutions help ensure that machines — and the businesses they serve — run as efficiently as possible.

  • Fleet management
    Fleet management

    Whether it’s a fleet of two machines or 200, Danfoss Telematics solutions can provide convenient, real-time access to fleet data.

  • Operator safety
    Operator safety

    Operators often work on jobsites under potentially hazardous conditions and in remote, limited-access locations. They can stay better protected with safeguards available through Danfoss Telematics solutions.