Danfoss refrigerant week 2019 will equip installers for refrigerant change

Friday, July 5, 2019

Danfoss’ annual Refrigerant Week event will return for the third time between the 16th and 20th September. This year, we're focusing on equipping installers for refrigerant change and presenting the solutions that are ready today.

The global event will prepare contractors and installers—along with retailers, wholesalers, operators, and
OEM engineers—to handle the refrigerant transition’s accelerating pace through a packed program of webinars, podcasts, and local training events.

All webinars will be scheduled to allow as many contractors and installers as possible to tune in live, across a wide variety of time zones, for subjects including:

  • Handling flammable refrigerants
  • New developments in CO2 technology
  • Moving on from R404A and R22
  • Global refrigerant trends that impact your business
  • Digital tools to help conversion

Sessions will cover air conditioning and industrial, commercial, and food retail refrigeration. Content will be available in many different languages, allowing for global coverage. Additionally, every live webinar and podcast will be available on-demand following the event.

Torben Funder-Kristensen, Head of Public and Industry Affairs, Danfoss Cooling says: “Refrigerant transition is an issue that affects contractors and installers all round the world, and the global nature of our Refrigerant Week reflects that. We want to help professionals everywhere to stay abreast of the latest issues and trends, but more importantly, to contribute to the conversation and give their view.

“We based the program on frequently asked questions from HVAC-R professionals—so whether you want to know more about transitioning from R404A and handling A2L and A3 refrigerants, or you simply want the latest practical information on leading-edge CO2 technologies, we’re confident there’s something for everyone.

“2019 is a particularly important milestone in HVAC-R—we celebrate 32 years since the Montreal Protocol came into effect. And the results are remarkable: the world has moved away from CFCs to help stop ozone depletion and we’re now even seeing recovery of the ozone layer.

“But as we enter a new phase of environmental concern with skyrocketing CO2 emissions, it’s never been more important to discuss and debate refrigeration on a supranational scale—including the new amendments to the Montreal Protocol. We’re proud of how Danfoss’ Refrigeration Week facilitates these conversations and we’re delighted how much it has grown in three years.”


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