Danfoss Alsense Foodservice Platform Offers Wireless IoT Solution for In-the-Field Monitoring

Tuesday, February 7, 2023
Alsense digital cloud solution ensures compliance and peace of mind

Alsense digital cloud solution ensures compliance and peace of mind

For commercial refrigeration customers looking for a wireless IoT solution to monitor their assets in the field, Danfoss’ Alsense foodservice platform now offers an affordable, flexible and secure app-based monitoring solution for temperature tracking, refrigeration operation monitoring, alarms and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) compliance. The app works in conjunction with hardware that acts as an IoT enabler to provide end users with real-time data 24/7/365, including instant alerts, location and automatic data logging. This helps asset owners ensure food quality, equipment performance and reduce costs due to food waste. With 48 million Americans contracting food-borne illnesses each year, according to the CDC, keeping the food supply safe is critical.

The cloud-based mobile app allows customers to monitor their refrigeration assets, such as bottle coolers, display coolers, and vending machines, from anywhere in the field. Part of Danfoss’ Alsense suite of digital foodservice solutions, the app utilizes cellular networks, eliminating the need for connection to an internal IT network.

As part of the Alsense suite, hardware components such as OCTO allow remote access and tracking of refrigeration equipment. When wired to the equipment’s controller, OCTO communicates with the Alsense™ monitoring platform through the mobile network, transmitting data collected on temperature and equipment status. OCTO also scans the mobile network and nearby WiFi hotspots to determine its position and transmits that information to Alsense™. If the refrigeration system is moved from its current position, an unauthorized movement alarm is created. Authorized personnel can access Alsense™ to view active alarms and refrigeration operation parameters to decide what actions should be taken to address equipment in the field before arriving on-site.

Customers can access data from OCTO and other IOT Enablers through either a computer or a mobile device, with all data stored on cloud-based servers, eliminating time and expense on paperwork.

“This combination of IoT enablers and a cloud-based app is a game-changer for owners of commercial refrigeration assets,” said Michael Kellerman, director of EC&S business development at Danfoss North America. “Assets in the field can be monitored from anywhere, at any time, allowing owners to ensure the quality and safety of food and be confident in their HACCP compliance.”