Selecting a solenoid valve

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Exercise : Selecting a solenoid valve

Please select an EVR v2 solenoid valve for a liquid line of a chiller application with an electronic expansion device. For safety reasons, a solenoid valve shall be installed in front of the expansion valve. Please use the following operating conditions:

  • Refrigerant: R513A
  • Max cooling capacity: 45 kW
  • Evaporator temperature: 0 °C
  • Useful superheat: 4 K
  • Condenser temperature: +42 °C
  • Subcooling: 2 K
  • Cooling load: 40% to 100%

a). Which solenoid valve does Coolselector®2 suggest as the best fit for the system requirements under the given operating conditions?

b). What is the capacity range of the system using the suggested valve?

c). Please explain what should be considered in relation to the cooling load when selecting a failsafe component for a system matching these operating conditions.

d). Taking your conclusions from the previous parts into consideration, is the valve suggested by Coolselector®2, at these operating conditions, the best fit for the system requirements? If not, which valve should be chosen instead and why?

e). What is the pressure drop in the solenoid valve?

f). What is the maximum possible pressure drop without getting flash gas in front of the expansion device?

g). Please explain what the limits are for a solenoid valve placed in a liquid line.