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Installing Coolselector®2

In order to get Coolselector®2 up and running, if you have not done so already, you can download and install Coolselector®2 from right here by clicking on the button below.

Coolselector®2 is free to use and runs on all Windows PCs.

If you are running a mac or other non-Windows PC, you can access Coolselector®2 online from

Download Coolselector®2

Check for latest version

Before you start using the standard PC version of Coolselector®2, please make sure you have the latest version, by going to the “About | Updates” menu:

Once you see the Updates screen, click on the “Check for new version” button:

Note that if you cannot update automatically (i.e. due to your company policies), it is possible to subscribe to an email service, which will notify you whenever a new version is released - go to the 'News' section of this page to subscribe.

Once you have clicked the button, Coolselector®2 will notify you if there is a newer version available. If that is the case, you can install the new version directly from the prompt.

Latest Changes

To see the latest changes in Coolselector®2, go to the “About | About Coolselector2” menu and press the <Changelog> button:

Also, check out the “About | News” menu item for new product releases.


Training Videos

Our training videos are constructed to give you an introduction to each of the main areas of Coolselector®2. The videos show examples of use cases as well as useful tips and tricks for every day use.


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Promotion material Coolselector®2 Exercises English Multiple 04 Jun, 2019 13.5 MB .pdf
Installation guide Coolselector®2 Server Installation Guide English Multiple 18 Nov, 2020 1.2 MB .pdf
User guide Coolselector®2 User Guide English Multiple 04 Jun, 2019 4.4 MB .pdf
User guide Coolselector®2 User Guide Spanish, Castilian Spain 25 Feb, 2020 5.8 MB .pdf
User guide Coolselector®2 User Guide French France 05 Mar, 2020 5.5 MB .pdf
User guide Coolselector®2 User Guide Portuguese Multiple 03 Jan, 2020 5.3 MB .pdf
User guide Coolselector®2 User Guide Russian Russia 25 Feb, 2020 4.4 MB .pdf
User guide Coolselector®2 User Guide Chinese (CN) Switzerland 04 May, 2020 25.2 MB .pdf

Contact us

For further information, please contact us.