Changing the refrigerant

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Changing the refrigerant

Coolselector®2 also allows you to change the refrigerant during product selection.

In our previous example we selected a DCR-DA using the standard settings (the default refrigerant for DCR-DA is R134a). Now, let us try to change this to R404A.

Change the refrigerant by choosing R404A in the drop down ‘Refrigerant’ on the left-hand side:


You may notice, that when you change the refrigerant, Coolselector®2 asks for a confirmation, as this change means you are creating a new selection procedure.


By clicking “Yes”, a new selection will be made.

Please note that the ‘evaporation temperature’ and ‘condenser temperature’ are now changed to ‘dew point temperature’. This is due to the fact that R404A is a glide-refrigerant and hence there is reference required for the evaporator and condenser temperatures.

The current suggestion from Coolselector®2 for a best match to the operating conditions is “DCR 0967-DA”, which is different from the suggestion made by the exact same properties in the system running with R134a; this is of course due to the different properties of the two refrigerants.


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