Flexible DC backup protects Russian power plant

Thursday, 5 September 2019

RUSSIA: A large Russian power plant vulnerable to main supply interruptions is now equipped with VACON® NXP DC/DC Converters for industrial DC backup. The system ensures uninterrupted power plant operation during even the briefest of supply voltage drops.

Ironclad reliability

Ironclad reliability

Discover how flexible and powerful DC backup systems ensure non-stop operation despite dips in supply voltage

Industrial DC backup for boiler fans

Industrial DC backup for boiler fans

Using water-cooled drives in a “step down – step up” configuration with medium voltage motors, ART and Danfoss Russia developed an industrial DC backup system to ensure reliable operation even during voltage drops in the mains.

The powerful 1.2 MW system is also known as an uninterruptable motor drive (UMD) system and uses two 690 V air-cooled VACON® NXP DC/DC Converters.

A series of 1200 kW boiler fans supply up to 10 seconds operation in the event of main grid failure. A single battery storage is connected through the two separate DC/DC converters to 4 drives.

Igor Zobov, General Director, ART

Streamlined commissioning and service

This solution is streamlined, comprising only a few elements, simple connections, and integrated Danfoss

application inside, to ensure simple commissioning and service procedures.

ART offers a range of industrial DC backup systems known as uninterruptable motor drives (UMDs).

These UMDs are flexible because they cater to

  • different topologies
  • different types of AC drive
  • different energy storage technologies
  • diverse layouts
  • the use of existing batteries if desired

The Automation of Resource-saving Technologies engineering center, known as ART, is located in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The team comprises 25 employees and has a long history of cooperation with Danfoss, stretching back to 1999.

ART offers engineering design of AC drives and automation systems for low- and medium-voltage applications, uninterruptable motor drive (UMD) systems, and active filters for use in harmonics and reactive power

compensation, as well as maintenance and repair services.

Its business areas include power generation, oil and gas, and marine and offshore industries. As of 2019, ART has completed more than 700 drive automation system installations.

Discover VACON® NXP DC/DC Converter

Discover VACON® NXP DC/DC Converter

Hybridization – the future of energy is now

Hybridization – the future of energy is now

As we transition from fossil fuels, such as oil and coal, through natural gases and nuclear power and further towards renewable sources dependent on whims of weather, there’s an increasing need to overcome the gaps which arise when the scales of energy supply and demand are out of balance. Batteries and other storage technologies are becoming more mainstream.

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