EV220BW/EV228BW 15-50, indirect servo-operated 2/2-way solenoid valves

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EV220BW and EV228BW 15-50 solenoid valve 

EV220BW and EV228BW 15-50 is an indirect servo-operated 2/2-way solenoid valve. The valve body is made of ECO brass or stainless steel and uses next-generation EPDM sealings.

The valve has a built-in pilot filter, which makes it the ideal choice for water inlet and drinking water applications where for RISE or SINTEF approvals are required.

EV220BW functions are NC and NO, while the EV228BW function is UN latching.

It has adjustable closing time and enclosures up to IP67, which ensures optimal performance even under critical working conditions.

Features and benefits

Clip-on coil

Flow range for water in Kv: 4 – 40 m³ / h

Differential pressure: 0.3 – 10 bar

Media temperature from 0 – 90 °C

Ambient temperature: Up to 80 °C

Coil enclosure: IP65

Thread connections: From G 1/2 – G 2

DN 15 – 50

Water hammer damped

Built-in filter

Body material in ECO brass (Lead free < 0.1 %) or stainless steel

Next-generation EPDM sealings recommended for drinking water

Approvals and certificates

  • Certified by WRAS. Valid in the United Kingdom.
    • In accordance with:
      • Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU
        • EN60730-1
        • EN60730-2-8
    • Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU
  • RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU


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