LLS 4000 Liquid level switch

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LLS 4000 electronic Liquid Level switch - Replacing the floating valve for industrial refrigeration

The Danfoss LLS 4000 Electronic Liquid Level Switch is a compact, cost efficient, and reliable switch for liquid level measurements.

With simple, one-point installation, smart commissioning via Bluetooth, and next-level reliability thanks to its Safety Integrity Level classification, the LLS 4000 makes electric liquid measuring smarter and more reliable than ever.

With the LLS 4000, Danfoss is changing the electronic liquid level switch game entirely. Offering superior reliability, cost-efficiency and user-friendliness the LLS 4000 electric level switch offers superb performance compared to mechanical alternatives - at a competitive price

Constructed with the user mind, the LLS 4000 is easy to install with only one connection point, and it allows for replacement without emptying the subsystems. The LLS 4000 detects ammonia and H(C)FC making it a versatile choice. Additionally, Bluetooth connectivity makes commissioning fast and easy using any smart device.

Designed for superior reliability, the LLS 4000 meets the highest safety requirements – the Safety Integrity Level 2. The Safety Integrity Level 2 – or SIL2 for short – is a measurement of performance and reliability needed for products in in applications with high safety standards. The safety classification is a testament of the LLS 400 Electric Liquid Level Switch’s superior reliability.

Make safety a competitive parameter

Maintaining the highest level of compliance with industry wide safety standards is an essential part of maintaining a strong brand and reputation among your customers. By selecting Safety Integrity Level approved products, your customers get reliable, certified components they need to achieve their functional safety goals and ensure reliable performance.

Features and benefits

Compact solution

  • Ammonia and H( C )FC
  • Easy to install with only one connection point

Easy Commissioning

  • Bluetooth and smartphone compatible
  • Media, NO/NC

Easy Replacement

  • No need to empty the subsystem
  • Product design split into refrigeration and electronic part

Electronic Liquid Level Switch

With the LLS 4000, Danfoss is changing the electronic liquid-level-switch game entirely. Offering superior reliability, cost-efficiency, and user-friendliness, the LLS 4000 electronic level switch offers superb performance compared to mechanical alternatives – at a competitive price point.


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