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Our large substations are suitable for almost any domestic hot water and heating or cooling systems and provide a very high degree of comfort and operational performance. The systems are customizable to suit your specific requirements. And the fact that a wide range of recommended components are used gives you several advantages.

Selecting the right district heating substation makes commercial sense

No matter what kind of district heating or cooling substation you need, Danfoss will find a match in our comprehensive range of substations and heat transfer solutions.

Each building has its specific heat demands, every district heating company has its technical connection requirements and each resident have individual heating habits. These criteria influence on the selection of stations for heat distribution in buildings and villages as well as in small and large district heating networks.

The size of a station is determined by the heat demand of the apartment or the building which needs to be heated. Temperature and pressure of the primary power supply determine whether a station is operated directly or indirectly.

In addition, many district heating networks specify special technical connection conditions, which require special control components. And finally, the number and type of heating circuits as well as the form and function of the domestic hot water will influence the needed equipment.

Danfoss offers a complete program of substations and flat stations for ranges starting from 15 kW up to more than 4 MW, for direct or indirect operating mode with one or more heating circuits and primary or secondary side domestic hot water heating as flow, storage tank or anti-legionella system.

The stations can either be pre-defined or pre-ordered custom build solutions. Danfoss has a significant project track record in handling large and small heating and district heating projects, so contact us, and our highly qualified and experienced team will help you to find and dimension the right stations for your requirements.

Features and benefits

Comprehensive range of substations from a single supplier

Integrated components ensure safe operation, increases durability and minimize whole life costs

Benefit from optimized heat transfer and system control performance

DSE Flex: saves space and makes installation easy

An introduction to DSE Flex and the details about this substation which will make your work easier.

Product range

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Tools and apps


General information

What will I find inside the substation's instruction and guide?
  • technical data for station (BOM, Flow Chart, main data, HEX calculation e.g.)
  • safety notes
  • commissioning notes
  • service requirements
  • information’s about transport, hauling e.g.
  • certificates
  • contact persons
Where can I find the substation's waranty? What are the conditions of payment?

In the sales contract (see order confirmation) and/or official price list.

What does it mean that the substation has a CE mark?

It means that substation fulfils all requirement for goods sold on the European market according to related EU rules and directives e.g.

Do you have a price list?

Yes - please contact your local Danfoss sales office to get a copy.

Whom should I call to get an order confirmation?

Please call our order handling department in your country or the local sales responsible or department.

Which certificates are available for Danfoss substations?

Declaration of conformity according PED/MD-guideline.

Can Danfoss substations be delivered with other kinds of accessories like boilers, T&S-HEX etc.?

Depending on the request, we can offer some common limited standard product range. Please contact your local sales office to learn more.

Does Danfoss offer any selection software for substations?

Yes, we have Heat Selector available for customers.

Please contact your local Danfoss sales office, if you need assistance with dimensioning your next substation.

Technical information

Up to what capacity can Danfoss offer substations?

Around 10 MW appended from temperature program; max. dimension is DN 400.

What are the dimensions of danfoss substations?

Please see the available data sheets for substation types DSA, DSP and all DHW products. Or contact your local Danfoss sales office regarding substation types DSE, DSS and DSM to ask for estimation. In case of running order, you will get drawings on request.

What types of District Heating & Cooling substations can Danfoss offer?

Danfoss offers a complete range of DHC substations. Danfoss substations are available in 5 basic platforms, that may be udapted to suit customer needs and requirements:

  • Danfoss DSA - the advanced compact substation
  • Danfoss DSP substation - the compact, pre-engineered and prefabricated heat transfer unit
  • Danfoss DSE substations - tailored to suit the most common customer needs and requirements, configuration based on Danfoss recommendations
  • Danfoss DSS substations - tailored to suit the most common customer needs and requirements, configuration based on Danfoss recommendations; primary media is saturated steam
  • Danfoss DSM substations - direct tailored to suit the most common customer needs and requirements, configuration based on Danfoss recommendations
What kind of medium can be used with Danfoss substations?

Circulation water, drinking water, Ethylene-glycol mix and saturated steam.

Can I plan the preparation of the technical room before delivery of the substation?

Yes, in case you have ordered one of our a standard substations with fixed dimensions (see data sheet for DSA, DSP and all DHW products).

For substation types DSE, DSS and DSM, please contact the local Danfoss sales office to receive more information.

Which kind of structure are Danfoss substations offered in: cage, frame, standing, wall mounted, etc.?

It depends on capacity and size/weight. Wall-hanging substations are limited by dimensions and size. We recommend to study the DSA substation types to learn more about our standard solutions.

Is it possible to equip the substation with the automation from another manufacturer?

Yes, it is possible, but not the recommended solution.

What kind of insulation can Danfoss offer?

E.g. pipe insulation with PU-soft foam, DH boxes from PU-hard foam.

For standard DSA stations there will be insulation cover available in EPP.

What kind of pumps are used in the substation (manufacturer)?

Common products are from GRUNDFOS, WILO & KOLMEKS. Other suppliers are possible in special cases. For more information, please contact the local Danfoss sales office.

How to select the passing accessories?

Please see the data sheet or contact the local Danfoss sales office.

Case studies

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