Solenoid valves for industrial hydraulics

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Fluid controls for industrial hydraulics

If you are looking for versatile and high-performance monitoring and control components for industrial hydraulics you will find what you are looking for in the Danfoss product portfolio. Our product program is tailored to different industrial applications and offers a wide range of components for pressure and temperature control.

Highly effective and durable, Danfoss fluid controls for industrial hydraulics are known to reliably open and close in even the toughest environment.

Product range

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    AVTA thermostatically operated water valves

    AVTA thermostatic operated water valves are used for proportional regulation of water flow quantity in refrigeration plants with water-cooled condensers for condensing pressure regulation purposes. AVTA water regulating valves give modulating regulation of the condensing pressure and so maintain it constant during operation.

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    EV210A, direct-operated 2/2-way compact solenoid valves

    EV210A covers a wide range of small, direct-operated 2/2-way solenoid valves for use in industrial machinery. The compact design together with the broad range of coils means that EV210A covers a broad variety of industrial applications.

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    EV220B, servo-operated solenoid valves

    EV220B is a universal 2/2-way solenoid valve program. Valve body in brass, dezincification resistant brass and stainless steel ensures that a broad variety of application can be covered.


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