AKS 21 temperature sensor

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AKS 21 temperature sensor

AKS 21 temperature sensor

Pt 1000 general purpose temperature sensor capable of withstanding extreme high and low temperatures.  This sensor type can be surface mounted or inserted using available thermowells.

  • Refrigeration
  • Air conditioning
  • Heating

Sensor element is factory calibrated and complies with EN60751 Class B tolerances.

Features and benefits

Temperature range -70 to 180 °C

Resistance 1000 Ohm at 0°C

Silicone Cable

Enclosure IP67

18/8 stainless steel probe tip

Available thermowells for insertion applications


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Data sheet Temperature Sensors, Type AKS 21 English Multiple 18 Jul, 2006 352.4 KB .pdf


  • MBT 120
    MBT 120 thermowells

    MBT 120 thermowells can be used with AKS 21 to allow the sensors to be inserted into a liquid or gas flow. The welded stainless steel tube protects the probe tip and cable and resists pressures up to 50 bar. Available in various insertion lengths and process connections.

  • AKS 12 temperature sensor
    AKS 12, General purpose temperature sensor

    AKS 12 general purpose sensor for surface mounting or inserted with available thermowells. Standard Pt1000 element and PVC cabling is suitable for most HVAC and refrigeration applications.

  • AKS 21 temperature sensor
    AKS 21, Sensor for extreme temperatures

    AKS 21 sensor for surface mounting or inserted with available thermowells. Standard Pt1000 element and silicone cable jacketing withstands extreme high and low temperatures.

  • EKS 221 temperature sensor
    EKS 221, Temperature sensor with 10K NTC

    EKS 221 general purpose sensor with 10K NTC for surface mounting. Available with steel sensor tip and round cable or thermoplastic rubber and flat cable.

    10K element characteristic matches to Optyma and MCX controllers.

  • MBT 3250 temperature sensor
    MBT 3250 Heavy Duty

    Heavy duty temperature sensing for industrial refrigeration applications. Robust housings withstand abuse and replaceable element assemblies can be serviced without isolating from system.

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