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Pumps for demanding UPW applications 

More and more high-tech industrial applications require ultra-pure water i.e. de-ionized, de-mineralized or distilled water, supplied at high pressure for a lot of different operations. With Danfoss high-pressure, axial piston pumps you will get one of the most reliable and clean solutions available for your next ultra-pure water, high-pressure system.

In the Danfoss range of high-pressure pumps you will find pumps and other components for even the most demanding applications such as parts cleaning, LCD cleaning and electronic parts cleaning as well as for humidification, adiabatic cooling, and for gas turbines. The Danfoss product portfolio for ultra pure water applications is designed and constructed to withstand even the harshest environments, offering a long service-life with high up time and less maintenance.

All products for ultra pure water applications are supplied with the required technical documentation available online, including approvals and certifications for any market. Training programmes and local support help you all the way through specification, installation and commissioning.

Features and benefits

Ultra-clean technology, no oil , no contamination

Best in class reliability

High energy efficiency, low CO2 emissions

Solutions for a wide range of ultra pure water applications

Long service life, high up time, less maintenance

Market leading Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Server installation - ultra pure water cleaning  - Danfoss

Ultra pure water case studies

Learn more about where to use our PAHT pumps in ultra pure water applications.

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