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Optimal indoor comfort in your office

Every person working in an office building should be provided with optimal indoor comfort. The more comfortable a person is, the higher their productivity and the lower the sick leave percentage. At the same time, it is also important to keep costs under control. With an average of 50% share in the energy costs, HVAC systems are required to provide the highest level of comfort at the lowest possible operation costs. 

Danfoss HVAC solutions can help you. We offer an extended range of products and solutions for the production, distribution, hydronic balancing and temperature control of heating, cooling and domestic hot water systems.

With years of experience in assisting building investors, consulting engineers, facility managers and technical staff, we have proven that reliability, energy efficiency and cost savings can be achieved at the same time.

Danfoss’ HVAC solutions for offices can be used in renovation or new-build projects, are easy to install and can achieve signifanct savings on the energy bill.

How we can help you

Indoor comfort with accurate temperature control

Reliable water supply for heating, cooling and domestic hot water

Anti-legionella protection and electronic temperature registration

Accurate and advanced energy metering and automatic data collection

Easy installation, commissioning, management and maintenance

Reduced total cost of ownership

One manufacturing partner for all HVAC systems

Energy-efficient and sustainable solutions

Innovative products enabling smart IoT solutions and data collection

Perfect control of HVAC system at Katowice Business Centre in Poland

This video shows a case story on how the HVAC system of Katowice Business Centre in Poland has been optimized by replacing traditional on/off actuators with new NovoCon® digital actuators. 

Related applications

  • Air handling units

    Air Handling Units should exhaust the right amount and right temperature of air at the right moments into a building. Danfoss control valves and actuators ensure the best indoor comfort established in the most energy efficient way. They accurately control the water (heated or cooled) flow into the AHU so the exhaust air temperature matches the desired temperature.

  • Connected systems

    Digitalization, remote access and Internet of Things (IoT) trends are increasingly important in HVAC applications. They drive the development of smart buildings and offer a significant energy efficiency increase by improving system performance based on building data. Danfoss offers different internet-connectable systems.

  • Domestic hot water

    Danfoss Domestic Hot Water systems provide everything for the production, storage, hydronic balancing, temperature control and temperature logging for drinking water in non-residential and apartment buildings. The systems established are high performing, provide comfort and hygiene and ensure maximum protection against legionella.

  • Heat transfer

    Efficient heat transfer within the heating system: Danfoss offers high-performance plate heat exchangers, no matter the size of your building. From compact installations in your home to pressure breakers in high-rise structures, our customized solutions enhance the heat transfer and lower the pressure drop.

  • Hydronic balancing and control

    Danfoss Hydronic balance and control solutions ensure an optimized distribution of heating and cooling water in HVAC systems. The recommended solution depends on the system; constant flow or variable flow systems, the application; heating and/or cooling and heat emitters; radiators, terminal units or others.

  • Space comfort

    Nothing is as personal as how individuals experience comfort. It depends on the activity, the time and environment a person is in. To provide the expected level of comfort for e.g. office workers, students, hospital patients or hotel guests, Danfoss offers many heating, cooling and control solutions to heat or cool spaces to their desired ambient temperature.

Case studies

  • EDGE Amsterdam West - healthy & smart office
    HVAC Flexibility and Energy monitoring in multi-tenant healthy & smart office

    Building: Office
    Application: Hydronic balancing and remote control of 4-pipe heating/cooling change-over system.
    Challenge: Gaining BREEAM credits for energy monitoring and ensure fast, fail free installation.
    Solution: Digital NovoCon S actuator combined with AB-QM 4.0 PICVs and ChangeOver6 Energy. The combination balances the system hydronically, allow remote access via a BMS and provides actual energy consumption data per climate panel during both heating and cooling operation.

  • Hydronic balancing in SAMBA bank head office, Riyadh, UAE

    At the heart of the new King Abdullah Financial District in Riyadh stands the impressive SAMBA head office. The 40-storey building represents a landmark in sustainable architecture and engineering and forms an attractive work space for the 800 people working in the SAMBA Financial Group head office.

  • Room temperature control in Interchurch center, New York, USA

    The Interchurch Center, located in the Morningside Heights section of New York City’s Upper West Side and managed by Newmark Grubb Knight Frank (NGKF), serves as headquarters for a number of nonprofit organizations. Inspired by the building’s original mission to provide affordable office space and facilitate communication and cooperation among the many religious organizations that would have offices there, John D. Rockefeller, Jr., played a pivotal role in the building’s construction.

  • electronic expansion valve control
    The pioneer in electronic expansion valve control

    When Danfoss introduced it's first microprocessor based ADAP-KOOL® controller back in 1987 it was also the first controller with adaptive (self learning) Superheat control.

    Danfoss had been gaining experience since 1980 whilst developing analogue controllers for thermostatically activated expansion valves and suction pressure valves. 

  • All New TE5-TE55
    Easier use, wider application - the all new TE5 – TE55

    Experience and proven results in the Refrigeration industry, as well as listening to customer requirements and drawing on technical advances made with previous thermostatic expansion valve models, has allowed Danfoss to launch the range of new TE5 – TE55 TEV's which are now easier to use and cover a greater range of applications.