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The AlsenseTM IoT platform, powered by Microsoft Azure, is infused with 80 years of engineering expertise and provides new, value-adding services to the entire HVACR industry. From the sensor to the enterprise and the full value chain level, benefit from actionable insights that will enable major savings, optimize operational efficiency and further increase sales effectiveness.

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HVACR domain expertise in the IoT cloud

Danfoss Enterprise Services in Baltimore

Danfoss Enterprise Services run on the Alsense™ food retail IoT platform

Danfoss Enterprise Services in Baltimore delivers real-time insight to 14,000 supermarket operators and every year they handle more than 11 million alarms. 

Savings potential with Internet of Things

AlsenseTM brings data insights and recommendations that help customers manage refrigeration, HVAC and other IoT assets more efficiently and reduce expenses related to energy costs and food waste.

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    Fresh food, with minimum energy—Danfoss empowers food retailers to make predictive maintenance a reality today
    Wednesday, 9 December 2020

    Danfoss strengthens its Alsense™ IoT services with a holistic store-level software suite, moving store maintenance from reactive to proactive. This enables food retailers to prioritize and reduce their maintenance efforts across stores and critical events

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    New Optyma™ Control upgrade helps installers deliver more efficient, connected cold rooms
    Thursday, 3 December 2020

    Danfoss has unveiled an upgraded version of its popular Optyma™ cold room controller that adds new efficiency features and connectivity for self-contained rooms, remote condensing units and rack systems alike.

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