Danfoss Application Development Center to focus on hybridization solutions for Asia Pacific

Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Asia Pacific sees growing trends in Electrification
As the world is moving its focus from fossil to clean energy, this in turn have turn all eyes on making electricity the world’s most important energy carrier which leads to the constant rising trends in the topic of Electrification. This game-changing trend will open up many opportunities to enhance flexibility, efficiency and environmental performance of almost any application or system such as cars, supermarkets, and ferries.

Fun fact – by 2040, renewables will account for most 50% of installed electricity generating capacity.

Danfoss Application Development Center (ADC) in Asia Pacific
As Asia Pacific sees the growing trends in electrification, Danfoss ADC was set up to provide new innovations and discovering hybridization solutions together with our customers and partners to meet the increasing demands in the region. Located in Singapore, the center is complete with actual drives equipment and applications installed and displayed, allowing Danfoss engineers and customers to perform real-life product and application testing and demonstrations with the aim to develop state-of-the-art reliable network systems.

Combining with our Centers of Excellence (CoE), APAC customers can benefit from a one-stop solution center in engineering very specialized or demanding installations. The CoE experts can help customers to optimize their applications using complete enclosed drives or drive modules.

Spotlight on Marine & Offshore in ADC
International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) regulations demand an 86% reduction in fuel sulphur levels by 2020 and 50% reduction in emissions by 2050. With more than 125,000 commercial and naval vessels operating around the world, there is a 250% projected rise in ship-engine emissions by 2050 unless controls are imposed. This means that marine sectors will need to place high priority in finding more sustainable and energy efficient modes of propulsion to stay ahead.

The ADC in APAC puts focus specifically on Marine & Offshore industry as we see the increasing demands for marine electrification solutions in the region. With over 30 years of experience in the marine industry and our innovations lie at the heart of optimizing ships and shore side facilities, we are the ideal partner to help our customers to answer to their challenges of tomorrow.

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