This is where the transformation of our food supply starts

Cold Chain in south east Asia

Times are changing. Can your cold chain keep up?

Consumers are demanding safer, healthier and more premium produce. This means that the need for efficient and effective cold chain management has never been more important.

Every stage of the chain, from processing, storage, transport and display in the supermarket needs to work seamlessly, reliably and with minimum impact on the environment,  and as a world leader in cold chain technologies, Danfoss is the ideal partner.

Critical food demand within the Southeast Asia region from now until 2020

Ready to meet the demands of tomorrow? We can help you today.

Ready to meet the demands of tomorrow? We can help you today.

With a market that’s developing so rapidly, you need a partner you can trust to deliver reliable, innovative and energy efficient solutions that can help you maintain quality while driving down costs. And for hundreds of food and beverage producers, transporters and retailers around the world, Danfoss has been that partner.

With an eye to the future and digitalization at our core, we’ve pursued a passion for innovation that has established us as an industry leader in the development of cutting-edge cooling solutions that can optimize every stage of the cold chain.

Innovation, efficiency and reliability, from farm to fork

From processing, packaging, transport, cold storage, and food service refrigeration, we combine the most advanced cooling efficiency, energy optimization, and big data technologies to create optimal cooling conditions – with near-zero downtime. Below you can explore exactly how we can help your business keep up with the demands of the rapidly changing marketplace.

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