Two types of EvoFlat stations in apartment building, London, UK

Wednesday, 4 February, 2015

Danfoss flat stations were chosen as the best and safest way to make the most of the building’s decentralized heating system.

Energy efficiency was a key factor when building Indescon Court in the London Docklands, where two types of flat station solutions have been installed in 364 apartments.

To help residents at Indescon Court keep their energy bills low, Danfoss teamed up with long-term partner SAV Systems to construct a decentralized heating system with individual flat stations in each apartment.

Indirect versions (Termix VVX flat stations) were used that featured a second heat exchange module, which works as an interface between the hot water main supply from the central boiler and the circuit within the apartment. In this way, heat energy can be taken efficiently from the central boiler, while maintaining a “sealed system” condition for the individual apartment.

The result is a highly energy-efficient heating system that provides instantaneous hot water on demand. Without the need for a central cylinder, the flat stations do not need to store any water, thereby minimizing energy wastage and virtually eliminating the risk of Legionella bacteria growth.

364 apartments are supplied with heating and hot water in an energy efficient way by installing a Danfoss flat station in each apartment, connected to a central gas fired boiler, which produces the heat for the entire decentralized energy system.

Danfoss flat stations used:

  • Termix VMtD-f-1 (up to 5 kW heating / 40 & 58 DhW)
  • Termix VVX-1-1 (up to 5 kW heating / 40 & 58 DhW)

Technical data:

Pressure Level: PN 16
Differential pressure: 0.7bar
Design temperatures for heating: 80/50C-75/55C (radiator heating)
Design temperatures for DHW: 70/28C-50/10C

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