Individual room controls in apartment buildings, Istanbul, Turkey

Tuesday, 9 September, 2014

"Individual room temperature controls will provide future occupants energy savings and a high comfort level."

Mr.Kerim Akıncı, Mechanical engineer

Optimizing living space

What do you do when you want to offer apartment owners maximum living space, valuable energy savings and high heating comfort at the same time? The architects and engineers working on the ‘Vadistanbul’ project in Istanbul, agreed that they could meet all requirements by using Danfoss floor heating. Floor heating would save precious space in the development’s small apartments while increasing and reducing energy at the same time. A prestigious project The ‘Vadistanbul’ project is one of Turkey’s most prestigious projects. An new district will be added to the Istanbul metropolis in three stages. In the "first phase, called ‘Vadistanbul Teras’, 1.111 apartments are being constructed in eight buildings. Subsequent phases will see construction of a shopping mall, restaurants, a 5-star hotel and a further 1,200 apartments.

Individual temperature control

The key to long-term energy savings is the provision of individual temperature control for each room. Heating is provided only when and where it is needed. In addition, floor heating provides such a high level of comfort that the desired temperature can be set 1 or 2 degrees centigrade lower than a comparable radiator heating system. 5% energy is saved for every degree the room temperature is lowered. 

Hydronic balancing

To maximize both energy savings and living comfort, the floor heating system is hydronically balanced. Each group in the floor heating system is pre-set to allow only the required !ow to pass through.

A complete floor heating portfolio 

Danfoss provided all necessary floor heating products. In addition, the innovative Danfoss floor panels make the installation of FH PE-RT pipes a simple job.

Manifolds with both flow meter and pre-setting

The high-quality FHF-F manifolds with flow meter and pre-setting valves create a well-balanced system. TWA-A actuators will be installed to enable the room thermostats to control the temperature in each room. 

Country: Turkey
Building type: 8 apartment buildings
Building year: 2014
Size: 1+1 rooms (70 m2) up to 5+1 rooms (400 m2)
Heat emitter: Floor heating
Floor heating type: BasicPlus for 600 km of PE-RT pipe
Floor heating controls: 6,342 FH-WT thermostats + 1.179 FH-WC connection boxes control 8.226 TWA-A actuators on FHF-F manifolds
Heat source: Central heating with a substation per apartment
Company name: Artas-Aydinli-Kelesoglu construction consortium
Company industry: Construction

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