Floreasca Park: Danfoss PIBCV solution offers the perfect balance in the greenest office building in Bucharest, Romania

Saturday, 13 December, 2014

The award-winning office complex Floreasca Park raises the bar for green office buildings. With 40% savings on the energy bill, Floreasca Park brings substantial savings to the tenants and a green footprint to the building.

The new office complex, Floreasca Park in Romania, serves as an excellent example of a sustainable office building according to the international BREEAM rating.

How did the team behind Floreasca Park achieve the impressive energy efficiency? 

First of all, the brand new office building was equipped with an advanced heat pump system utilizing the free heat and cold of the ground for space heating, cooling and hot water. Secondly, the control of the heating and cooling solution is extremely precise, performed automatically by almost 2,000 AB-QM pressure independent balancing and control valves (PIBCV) from Danfoss.

Why have PIBCV valves become a favorite among HVAC installers?

  • Easy installation and commissioning. 
  • Simple presetting during installation, with no need for manual balancing.
  • Ensuring the right flow at all times, even at low flow rates.
  • The control valve with an authority of 100% allows lower pump head than traditional set-ups to minimize the energy consumption. 

Floreasca Park has earned several international awards for its innovative approach to sustainability, comfort and energy efficiency. In 2014, Floreasca Park was awarded the CEEQA Award (Central and Eastern European Real Estate Quality Award) and the SEEQA Award (South Eastern European Real Estate Quality Award). 

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