Danfoss Solution behind the SIB ZERO+ House, Sonderborg, Denmark

Thursday, 11 September, 2014

The SIB ZERO +House is an excellent example of Danfoss' wide range of professional and energy saving solutions put into practice. Danfoss is also an active and leading figure on a market that is increasingly focused on low energy consumption.

The SIB ZERO +House is the name of Denmark's first low energy +house. The house, which was recently completed in the town of S√łnderborg, has positive annual energy costs and provides a glimpse of tomorrow's energy efficient home.

The 200 m2 home actually produces more electricity than it consumes on an annual basis, which is why it is known as a +house. The excess energy is created through a unique combination of known technologies that turn the home's energy consumption into energy production. Danfoss contributed with solutions for the indoor climate and comfort system to this project, which includes the use of a Danfoss Air system and Danfoss fast acting floor heating.

One of the secrets behind the low energy +house is effective insulation. However, the well insulated home also requires efficient ventilation in order to maintain a healthy indoor climate. In this case, mechanical ventilation combined with heat recovery was the only real solution. Anything else would have resulted in excess energy consumption.

In order to further optimize energy consumption, Danfoss has combined the ventilation system with a so-called geothermic preheating surface which consists of an 80 meter long pipe in the garden that captures heat in the ground produced by the sun. This energy can then be used to heat the air in the winter months and cool down fresh air in the summer.

Danfoss' energy efficient total solution is perfected by an underground heating pump that heats up utility water and is used for the home's central heating. The heat is emitted via fast acting floor heating that is controlled precisely by a wireless thermostat that uses infrared sensors to measure the floor's surface temperature.

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