TUS opens new supermarket with a total store solution from Danfoss

Monday, 20 February, 2012

A brand new supermarket in Moravce in Slovenia is equipped with the latest Danfoss technology including the system controller AK-SC 255 which controls refrigeration, heating, cooling and lights. It also monitors and collects data which makes it a perfect system for energy savings.

The supermarket is part of TUS, one of the biggest supermarket chains in Slovenia. To the director of TUS, Mr. Brane Cokan, the total store solution is perfect for achieving energy savings:

Pioneers in environmentally friendly and responsible technologies

"We are pioneers in environmentally friendly and responsible technologies, and we have been awarded many times. Our stores are good examples of responsible energy management, and our standards of energy management are extremely high", Mr. Brane Cokan says.

TUS has been a Danfoss customer for many years, and because of the good business relation it came natural to let Danfoss continue to supervise the total energy technologies in the store:
"We are pleased with the Total Store Solution from Danfoss. We have found the right partner and the team understands our requirements and they are also capable of fulfilling them", Cokan says.

Default for future supermarkets

In 2010 TUS took the first step by installing the Danfoss ADAP-KOOL® refrigeration system in 54 stores across Slovenia which cut energy by 17.5%. The system in Moravce is unique because it controls the entire technology in the store:

Waste heat from the refrigeration system is used for heating sanitary water and for producing hot water for indoor supermarket heating. A heat pump (Danfoss-Thermia) has been added for supplementing enough heating energy in the winter and to provide cooling water for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning in the summer.

"We have done a lot of custom made work and a lot of adjusting to create a total solution for the store. We hope that the concept in Moravce will become default for future supermarkets", says Dragisa Stevanovic from the Danube Danfoss Team.


TUS Opens New Supermarket with a Total Store Solution from Danfoss


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