Taste of time: Jinhua Ham kept the high quality with accurate control in refrigeration system

Monday, 3 June, 2013

A hot documentary "A Bite of China" has been shown on CCTV (China Central TV) recently, and attracted amount of fans and foodies down by presenting the unique materials with exquisite skills in Chinese cooking. In its fourth episode, "The Taste of Time", made the audiences' mouths water when they saw the production & cooking of the China famous "Jinhua Ham", which has aired its fragrance in centuries. For sure, no one could picture a refrigeration valve in mind by now.

May it be hard to connect the tasty ham with the cold-material valve, but the role of refrigeration technology plays in food safety has been well proved by the newly built cold chain center in Zhejiang province. Located in Jinhua, Zhejiang, the above mentioned brand Jinhua Ham has invested over 260 million RMB for a 100 thousand-square-meter cold storage center, which has been designed and equipped under the international standard and regulation. Consisting of two storages, one for -22℃ low temperature cold storage in 50 thousand tons capacity and another for 0-5℃ storage in 10 thousand tons, are helping to improve the refrigerated food flow rate by 20% in this area. To guarantee a good relation between the accurate-temperature controlled system and the stored food quality, Danfoss brings Jinzi Ham with its advanced solution of controlling in different temperature zones.


As the core function for the large cold storage to increase the flow rate and reduce the spoilage rate of the food, it is also the key for ensuring a good original source quality of the whole cold chain. In another word, to perfectly achieve the function, the stability of the refrigerant liquid and system in the low-temperature condition is the essentially for the storage. Otherwise, the quality and safety of the stored goods will be influenced even by a subtle wave of the temperature.


The Jinzi cold storage has applied with Danfoss on/off liquid level solution: AKS 38 float switch + EVRA solenoid. By referring the liquid level feedback, the switch box adjusts the liquid level by on/off. "This solution is applied on the liquid line and liquid separator, as a supervisor to guard the system and quality in stable", explained by Mr. Sun Bin, sales engineer of Danfoss industrial refrigeration.


"Speaking of ham, we can almost taste the salt in the traditional production, which may obey the health standard in modern times. But for Jinhua ham, we use the new procedures and automatic production line to reduce the salt content. As a challenge chaser, we won the time, a time for changing and updating. So does our partner, Danfoss. Thanks to the advanced refrigeration solution from Danfoss, the high qualified Jinhua Ham has kept and continually being the taste of the good times", the general manager of Jinzi Cold Storage Mr. Hu Xiaoyi said.


Designed and equipped under the international standard and regulation

Taste of Time  Jinhua Ham Kept the High Quality with Accurate Control in Refrigeration SystemTaste of Time  Jinhua Ham Kept the High Quality with Accurate Control in Refrigeration System

Located in the industry park in Jinhua, the Jinzi Cold Storage is invested by Jinzi Group, a listed company for famous pre-cooked food. With over 64,000 tons capacity, its service covers the agricultural and aquatic products, pre-cooked food, frozen food and other related industries. As the largest cold-chain center in this area, Jinzi Cold Storage Center can improve the diet of the local people into fresher.


Danfoss on/off liquid level solution: AKS 38 float switch + EVRA solenoid with the advantages in below:

  • Easy installation and service
  • Low cost
  • Full temperature range
  • Liquid level alarm