Industrial refrigeration automated solution with higher energy savings and enhanced safety

Friday, 20 June, 2014

Danfoss solution deployed in construction of china three gorges logistics park 

Danfoss advanced hot gas defrosting solution was successfully installed at China Three Gorges Logistics Park, Yichang, Hubei Province. The state-of-the-art Danfoss application guarantees stable and efficient operation of the refrigeration system in the park's modern warehousing logistics center, which is the largest in the city.

Danfoss is at the heart of the three gorges logistics park project

As one China's busiest transportation thoroughfares – rail and road – and economic hubs, Hubei province handles a billion tons of goods annually. The vast majority of goods are centralized and then distributed to surrounding regions in what is a uniquely large-scale operation. 

Taking advantage of the proximity of Three Gorges Dam, the Hubei government has placed a great deal of importance on logistics and cold chain construction and development, designed to position the city of Yichang as the key logistics centre of the province. Chief among its logistics and cold chain projects is Three Gorges Logistics Park. 

Three Gorges Logistics Park serves as the first major construction cold chain project of 'the 12th Five Year Plan' of Hubei province. Invested by Hubei DaoHuaXiang Group, it encompasses some 800,000 square meters and stands to serve as the largest agricultural wholesale and retail market serving western Hubei province and the eastern Chongqing area.

With a capacity of more than 50 thousand tons, the cold chain distribution center is the heart of the Three Gorges Logistics Park project. Completed at the end of 2013, the centre employs an international-standard design concept and advanced technologies that make it a world-class facility in terms of operations efficiency and energy savings. To meet the needs of the cold chain distribution centre, Danfoss was contracted by the park's developer to install a customized industrial refrigeration automated control solution for its refrigeration system.

The automated hot gas defrosting solution helps the large-scale refrigeration system realize substantial energy efficiency and cost savings. At the same time, the system guards against human-error and the risks associated with manual operation, enhancing the safety qualities of the system. Danfoss two-step servo-operated main valves and overflow valves are deployed in the hot gas defrosting system of the cold chain distribution center. In the defrosting process, the overflow valve ensures defrosting pressure in the range of 5-6 bar and more than 10°C temperature difference of heat exchange, allowing for rapid, efficient defrosting. The two-step servo-operated main valves open to 10% of the capacity when the pilot solenoid valves are activated, while the main valves open 100% automatically after the pressure differential across the valve reaches 1.5 bar. Each automated process ensures the safety of the defrosting system during defrosting and refrigerating cycle. 

In addition the deployment of Danfoss refrigeration automated solution, Danfoss advanced liquid level control solution has also been applied at the Three Gorges Logistics Park project. The solution provides for more than 20% stability of the liquid level control system, benefitting the cold chain facility by helping achieve higher working efficiency and safety.

"The construction of China Three Gorges Logistics Park serves as a landmark project in Hubei province, and even the whole central China", says Ms. Xu Ling, director of the cold chain project for China Three Gorges Logistics Park. "The advanced refrigeration solutions provided by Danfoss fully meet our requirements regarding energy savings, system safety and high efficiency. Danfoss is a trustworthy partner for us."