Grupo ABC saves 15% of the energy consumption

Monday, 10 August, 2015

Four stores at Minas Gerais use electronic controllers, valves and frequency converters of Danfoss to increase energy efficiency.
Facing the elimination of the hydro-chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) - as R22 is the fluid mostly used - implemented by the Brazilian Program for the Elimination of Hydro- chlorofluorocarbons, the supermarket sector is revising the concept of its facilities and planning new units with more adequate fluids and equipment for those demands.

The full Case Study about Grupo ABC
The fifth greatest network of Minas Gerais (according to the ABRAS Ranking), with more than 30 years and 30 functioning units, Grupo ABC has perfected the refrigeration and air conditioning systems by adopting CO2 as standard for new projects and renovations of its units. According to Domicio Godoy, Maintenance/Refrigeration Coordinator of Grupo ABC, the system with CO2 is a viable option and, because of that, it was necessary to implement more precise and reliable controlling components for its management. Today four stores from Group ABC, in the cities of Divinópolis, Betim, Varginha and Campo Belo, at Minas Gerais, have adopted the electronic controllers AKSM 880, AK-SC 355, AK-CC 550, AK-CC 750, AK-PC 783, EKC 316, EKC 313, of the ADAP-KOOL® line, as well as the AKV and ETS valves and VLT® frequency converters from Danfoss. According to Godoy, through the application of these components from Danfoss in the systems with CO2, the units save an average of 15% of energy compared to the conventional systems with R-22. The controllers of the ADAP-KOOL® line have perfected the settings of the system with CO2 by integrating all of the components of the project. As a result of the precise control and management of their functions, the solution improves considerably the energy efficiency and increases the performance of the system as a whole.
"Danfoss appears in the front line as the first company of electronic controls participating in projects and installing national equipment with the use of CO2. We had visited a few stores from other networks with the controllers of Danfoss installed, which reaffirmed the credibility in the components”, highlights Godoy.

By choosing CO2 systems, the Grupo ABC counts on the partnership of Arneg, manufacturer of refrigeration centers and refrigerator displays with the use of CO2. For example, in Varginha’s store, Arneg is responsible for the project, manufacturing of the refrigeration center and the cabinets and for installing the whole system, including the automation of the control circuits with components from Danfoss.
Thomas Schiller, ARS coordinator from Arneg, explained that the calculations for the simulation of the energy consumption have showed that the option with CO2 is the most economical: 16% of energy reduction compared to the installation with R-22; 23% of reduction in an installation with R-22 and glycol, and 21% of energy reduction compared to the installation with CO2 in the frozen and glycol in the cooled area.
“That unit consists on functioning 100% with CO2/subcritical, with direct expansion in the environments of frozen and the circulation of liquid CO2 pumped into the cooled environments. The condensation of the CO2 is done through secondary circuit in cascade, with a thermal exchange with R404a, using exchangers of plates and valves of electronic expansion that are proportional to Danfoss”, concluded the maintenance coordinator of the Grupo ABC.


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