For multiple benefits offered, Frigotehnica has chosen ICF

Monday, 1 October, 2012

Frigotehnica has elected to use the latest products and technical solutions developed by Danfoss for their industrial refrigeration applications in Romania.

Voluntari Logistics Warehouse Project, which was completed in August 2012, includes 18 valve stations utilizing the ICF 20-4-10 model. The benefits and advantages to both the contractor and the end user, when compared with traditional valve solutions, include: 
• a reduction in the number of required welds from 10 to only 2 welds for each ICF station 
• a higher degree of reliability and safety due to the significantly lower number of welding connection 
• the elimination of valve station assembly time and labour (approximately 5 hours / station), 
• significant reduction in the space dedicated for the valve stations

In addition to the above initial benefits, a number of indirect financial benefits includes: a reduction in the number and size of supports needed for station valves, condensation trays, and insulation. And, most importantly, the ease of service and maintenance time reduction.

The advantages offered by the new ICF valve station, were presented to Frigotehnica’s technical personnel by the Danfoss Romanian team. This concluded with testing and installation of the new technical solution into their first project conducted by a local contractor. At the completion of the project, when asked about their experience with this project, Mr. Razvan Voicu, Frigotehnica's Operational Director, stated: "We decided to use Danfoss' new technology because of the financial benefits to both the contractor and end user, time of execution, safety and reliability, as well as ease access of maintenance and service" 

By implementing the latest products and technical solution developed by Danfoss for Industrial Refrigeration applications, Voluntari Logistics Warehouse Project remains in Frigotehnica company's portfolio as an outstanding project.