Danfoss makes travelling by train in Taiwan pleasant and comfortable

Tuesday, 3 November, 2015

Railway transportation plays an important role on a small island like Taiwan (36,000 km2), and the Ministry of Transportation and Communications encourages the islanders to use public transport instead of driving. Air conditioning technology from Danfoss secures a pleasant journey.

Air conditioning technology from Danfoss and King Machinery is the secret behind the comfortable indoor climate when you travel by train in Taiwan. According to a report by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications in Taiwan, the average daily passengers of the total rail transportation in 2014 was 2.79 million, and the number is increasing every year. Improvement in the usage of train transport is due to the Ministry´s continuous encouragement to use public transport instead of driving.

With the rising energy prices and environmental awareness, rail transportation has become a focus area in many developing countries due to the tremendous volume of public transportation. More than one hundred years of railway history in Taiwan has witnessed a transformation of the society towards more comfort and technology, and consequently, they are replacing the ordinary shuttle fans with comfortable seating and air conditioning. 

“Taiwan has entered a new era of rapid development of rail infrastructure and high-quality comfort without compromising efficiency. The central air conditioning system is of vital importance to realize the comfort and increase efficiency with precise temperature control and reliable year-around operation. An optimal air conditioning system design must take temperature, humidity, and indoor air quality into consideration. Therefore, the high technology to design and optimize an energy-efficient system is critical to accelerate industrial upgrading and transformation,” commented Ted Wen, President of Danfoss Asia Pacific, and also privately residing in Taiwan.

Established nearly 50 years ago, King Machinery Co., Ltd. has a long-term partnership with Danfoss Taiwan. King Machinery is highly experienced in rail transportation, like for example the Metro in São Paulo. King Machinery has offered more than 350 units of air conditioning systems with a capacity of 10 tons combined with Danfoss expansion valves. The air conditioning system has a high-level of vibration and large load fluctuation when the train runs. The innovatively designed TGE valve can regulate the valve’s opening based on load fluctuation. Danfoss TGE valve has fast response and is available for common refrigerants including R410A, which is an optimal temperature control solution for air conditioning of trains.

“King Machinery has achieved significant energy savings thanks to the Danfoss TGE thermostatic expansion valve and ETS electric expansion valves which enable the low load operation and accurate flow control. The Danfoss EVR solenoid valve has a wide range of operating temperature and pressure, high reliability, and impressively low leak rate. That is the main reason they have selected Danfoss components to optimize system performance and improve the lifetime of the air conditioning systems,” explained Jim Chen, Sales Manager, Danfoss Cooling Taiwan.

Danfoss EVR valve installed in King Machinery’s cooler for train coaches​
​“King Machinery is a well-established company and has long lasting cooperation with TRA (Taiwan Railway Administration), MRT (Metro Rapid Transit) and the Government. King Machinery has significantly contributed to the rail infrastructure sector in Taiwan by offering high-efficiency air conditioning systems. KING Machinery’s company culture is to pursue innovation and excellence. Both Danfoss and King Machinery have built collaborative partnerships and won several air conditioning projects together over the past years. We will continue to work together to make the air conditioning system of transportation in Taiwan even more energy efficient and comfortable,” commented Jim Chen, Sales Manager, Danfoss Cooling Taiwan.

With the increased comfort on the trains, maybe even more islanders of Taiwan will choose the train instead of the car: “I am a huge fan of riding the train especially with the improved comfort, and I would like to encourage more people to take the train when they commute to work or visit Taiwan for business or pleasure,” Ted Wen recommends.