Danfoss makes the bus ride in India cool and comfortable

Tuesday, 2 September, 2014

The bus industry in India manufactures more than 50,000 buses every year, making India the world’s second largest market. Indian road and weather conditions require highly reliable air conditioning systems, and Danfoss technology plays a significant role in cost efficient solutions in people road transportation across India.

Indian road and weather conditions can be challenging and require highly reliable systems. Prime Enginetech Pvt. Ltd. is aware of the climate and infrastructure challenges and with support from local support engineers from Danfoss Prime Enginetech Pvt. Ltd. has improved their system performance making it more reliable and cost efficient.

Satish Sharma, the owner of Prime Enginetech PVT, clearly sees the benefits of choosing Danfoss components for Air Conditioning in busses:

“We have been purchasing Danfoss components for one year, and I must acknowledge that we have improved the reliability of the Air Conditioning systems with a drastic reduction in field complaints, and my team is getting more productive with less follow-up with vendors on every order we receive.”

Prime Enginetech Pvt. Ltd. was buying all their products from different suppliers and had never received any technical support from their suppliers on best installation practices. The technical support team from Danfoss recommended which capacity valves and other safety controls they should utilize to improve efficiency.

The Indian manufacturer started using TE2 expansion valves because these valves are the most efficient and easily available on the market and also the safest choice in bus applications.

“We found that two different things were leading to frequent repairs – first of all high leakage across the shut-off valve and secondly very high pressure drop. The two issues were not related and had different consequences, but the answer was clear – we suggested Danfoss GBC ball valves as solution to both issues. Prime Enginetech Pvt. Ltd. compared and found that Danfoss GBC valves have highest Kv value and no leakage rate. It was an easy decision for them,” Sanjay Tikkiwala from Danfoss Wholesalers Technical Support comments.

Prime Enginetech Pvt. Ltd. has reduced the number of suppliers from six to one by shifting to Danfoss Automatic Controls products (expansion valves, filter driers, sight glasses, ball valves, high and low pressure controls).

Previously dominated by non-air conditioned and simple buses, today more and more Indian manufacturers have started production of A/C systems for modern coaches. Also, with the liberalization of the Indian market, and an increase in the commuter base, many foreign companies have started investing in India.

In most parts of the country India is now getting entirely up-to-date air conditioned buses equipped with highly advanced facilities and services. So, next time you ride the bus or coach in India Danfoss technology will secure that you feel refreshed during the bus ride and arrive well rested at your destination.