Danfoss ICF valve station in huge national cold storage solution

Thursday, 1 March, 2012

The national cold storage, Pujiang, located in the Sichuan province, stores more than ten thousand tons of meat products. Due to its attractive features the Danfoss ICF valve station plays a significant role in the cold storage solution, securing energy savings for the customer.

The Pujiang refrigerated storage solution has influenced the promotion and development of the livestock industry and cold chain logistics, and refrigerated storage facilities this size balances the big market requirements of the Southwestern area of China.

According to the Development Plan of China and NDRC (National Development and Reform Commission), shortly China will build ten new national meat cold storage facilities, and the capacity of each storage will be more than ten thousand tons. Danfoss has utilized 30 ICF valve stations in the Pujiang solution. On the liquid and hot gas line of the air cooler side, the ICF units co-work with the Danfoss two-step on/off solenoid valves (PMLX) to achieve the automatic control of the system. The excellent performance of the valve station helps the customer to achieve the targets in energy savings. 

The ICF control solution can substitute a series of conventional mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronically operated valves, thereby providing a number of advantages in the design phase of a refrigeration plant as well as in the installation, service and maintenance. It has become the customers preferred choice globally:

“The modular design of the ICF valve station is based on a unique combination of modules made especially for the customer applications. Apart from the efficient installation and easy maintenance, the solution also offers the advantages of space saving, high safety and environmental adaptation, because of its unique structure and surface treatment. This is why the ICF solution is favoured by our customers,” Mr. Sun Zhaokun, Industrial Refrigeration Regional Account Manager, Danfoss China, states.

Danfoss ICF Valve Station

 In 2007, the Danfoss ICF valve station entered the Chinese market. Because of outstanding high safety and environmental adaptation, it has become the preferred valve station for industrial refrigeration installers. ICF has been recognized with an Innovation Award by ASHRAE (the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers).

The unique modular design takes the industrial refrigeration control products to new heights. Instead of having up to 12 welds on a conventional valve train, the ICF solution cuts the six functional modules down to only two welds. Danfoss has also introduced an advanced surface treatment TLP (Thick Layer Passivation) on the ICF unit to lower environmental impact and to protect against corrosion.

Over 15,000 highly efficient ICF valve stations have been installed in refrigeration systems across the globe freeing up space and saving costly maintenance time. The ICF valve station is designed and tested to withstand a maximum working pressure of up to 52 bar (750 psi) in a media temperature range of -60/+120.(-76/+248.), making the ICF suitable for the natural refrigerant CO2 and other future high pressure refrigerants. 

Danfoss ICF has become the preferred solution in industrial refrigeration such as cold storage, slaughter house, brewery, food and meat processing and compressor packages.

Designed for quick and easy installation, the plug-and-play ICF unit requires only two welds