Discovering new dimensions of District Energy Network optimization with Virtus

Thursday, 31 May, 2018

The way district energy networks are balanced and optimized is about to be changed. A new generation of Virtus intelligent ready pressure and flow controllers are here to ensure high durability, improved functionality and performance. In addition, unique intelligent optimization functions iNET and iSET will save even more energy.

Optimal hydronic balance and perfect temperature control is the key to maximizing efficiency of heating and cooling networks. It also means you are saving energy, money and improving end-users’ comfort. To help achieve your goals, Danfoss developed a new range of differential pressure and flow controllers, named Virtus.

Shaped for the future

There are plenty of reasons Virtus can help with District Energy Network challenges, here are just a few:

·         Perfect control & stability

·         Optimization of network performance

·         Big flow capacities

·         Compact size

·         Easy installation, commissioning and maintenance

“With our new Virtus controllers, we have developed a smart solution that will help our customers achieve perfect control and stability of their district energy network. Virtus enables network operators to deliver heat exactly when and where it is needed, based on real network demand. With iSET & iNET we will make our core product category of Self Acting controls ready for the digital journey. Their intelligent function makes it possible to remotely control and optimize network performance, even in complex networks. 

We strongly believe in the opportunities of digitalization and will continuously strive to develop the best solutions for our customers in district energy.”

Anton Koller, Divisional President - District Energy, Danfoss Heating

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