New Optyma™ Control upgrade helps installers deliver more efficient, connected cold rooms

Thursday, 3 December, 2020

Danfoss has unveiled an upgraded version of its popular Optyma™ cold room controller that adds new efficiency features and connectivity for self-contained rooms, remote condensing units and rack systems alike.

Like previous version, the upgraded Optyma™ Control is designed to integrate seamlessly with Danfoss Optyma™ condensing units as well as other condensing units in the market. And with support for single or three-phase systems at up to 7.5 HP, it can support small and larger cold rooms alike.

Optyma™ Control offers:

  • Standalone control for single and three-phase room cooling systems
  • Direct control or pump down operation
  • Multiple defrost methods, including hot gas defrost
  • Easy installation and operation

This new, upgraded solution now supports six outputs, a RS485 serial always available to connect to Danfoss system managers, and ultimately to the Alsense Cloud services. The built-in communication port makes it easy to integrate a cold room with central management and monitoring tools, like Danfoss’ System Management family for a fully managed solution. It also makes the most of the IoT for a safer protection of perishables and to create smarter, more reliable systems when combined with the IoT enabler PR-SC4 and the ProsaLink app. This combination offers a simple, always-on and user-friendly remote monitoring solution when no central management is in place.

The updated Optyma™ Control also adds further features to help cold room contractors protect equipment, maintain safe temperatures, and save energy. Smart defrost options and support for hot gas defrost helps reduce energy consumption, while emergency operation modes help protect fans and condensers in the event of a faulty probe.

Danfoss Senior Product Manager Eduardo Cruz says: “Our new Optyma™ Control unit offers everything installers need to build smart, modern, scalable cold rooms. You can reap all the benefits of IoT connectivity, but with all the simplicity and speed that makes the Optyma™ range so popular.

“It’s great for installers as it’s designed for easy setup and can scale to support all kinds of cold room applications. And with a wide range of operating temperatures and support for hot applications, it’s a system that can serve businesses of all shapes and sizes.

“If you want a complete, single unit that can cover all cold room control needs, the new Optyma™ Control is the safe, simple choice.”

For more information about the new Optyma™ Control, join our Livestream Q&A On-Demand:

To order, visit the Danfoss product store: Optyma™ Control