Cleaning specialist driven by clean energy

Thursday, 4 January, 2018

Ludo Van Mol and his brand new Kärcher office both benefit from passive cooling with a geothermal heat pump, which is up to 20 times more energy efficient than a traditional air-conditioning system. 

Heating with an SPF of 5.32 and cooling with an EER of 78.23 

Amazing performance speaks for itself !

Ludo Van Mol invested 4.5 million euros in a brand new Kärcher office in Diksmuide, Belgium. From the very beginning, the design of the new office was intended to incorporate the latest green energy technologies. The new facility features 420m² of office space and a 510m² showroom, presenting a comprehensive range of products from the Kärcher portfolio. The new office features extensive glazing, which enables maximum use of daylight. On the other hand, it means that the office requires more heating in winter and cooling in summer. Bearing in mind that good windows are still three times less insulating than a standard wall, achieving optimal comfort means constant energy demand, throughout the year.

The new building’s heating and cooling system is based on Danfoss DHP-M M, a new commercial ground-source heat pump with an inverter-driven compressor. The main advantage of this heat pump is that it can continuously adjust heating or cooling output to current demand, meaning that the heat pump can supply 100 per cent of the building’s energy requirements. In addition, the DHP-M can also provide simultaneous heating and cooling. 

At the new Kärcher office, 100% of the heating is provided by the heat pump and 90% of the cooling is achieved via passive cooling of the floor, which enables a comfortable temperature of 25°C to be maintained. “90% of cooling delivered via passive cooling saves a lot on the electricity bill; not only in winter but even more during the summer. There’s no doubt that, over the years to come, the installation will save Ludo Van Mol a lot of money and CO2”, commented Luc Van de Velde from Ecoterm bvba