District heating network in HafenCity, Hamburg, Germany

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

"Given a choice, I would certainly opt for Danfoss products. The quality of the equipment is outstanding, and the available service and support is also a big plus. For more complex installations, Danfoss specialists help us with questions regarding the construction and design."

Judith Huber-Jahn, Project Manager,
Reese Beratende Ingenieure

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    Ball valves

    Ball valves enable on/off control of the building system connection. They create the sectioning of the system that enables service, maintenance and repairs to be carried out in sections, without shutting down or emptying the whole system.

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    Differential pressure controllers

    Differential pressure controllers keep a constant and lower differential pressure across a motorised control valve or a total system/substation. This eliminates pressure variations and improves temperature control quality.