TUS supermarkets in Slovenia cut energy consumption by 17.5 %

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Installation of the Danfoss computerized ADAP-KOOL® control system results in 17.5% energy savings for Slovenian supermarket chain.

Optimizing stores and maximizing energy savings

54 TUŠ stores across Slovenia have now had the Danfoss ADAP-KOOL control system for refrigeration installed and connected to an overall computerized control system. It is part of a Retail Care service provided by Danfoss to help optimize the stores in order to maximize energy savings.

"Based on measured results at one test store, the TUŠ management decided to extend the system to a whole range of stores. Ultimately, the plan is to use the ADAP-KOOL system in more than 100 TUŠ stores," explains Andrej Kušar, engineer in the energy department of TUŠ supermarkets. Average energy savings at the first 49 modernised stores is 17.5%, which means savings of €200,000 per year. 

Test store saves €7,000 per year 

The test store in the city of Celje showed a 19.68% improvement, corresponding to electricity cost savings of around €7,000 per year. The installation of the new refrigeration control systems with optimized settings was implemented over a longer period, and while some store managers were initially sceptical about the promised achievements, the excellent results have convinced them that it was the right thing to do. "Investing in Danfoss products is a little higher investment than in classic cooling regulation systems, but they achieve much better energy-saving results so the pay-back time is short. Moreover, it leads to better quality products in the store because the new cooling system is more stable and efficient than the old one," Andrej Kušar says. 

Award for best low carbon shopping centre 

In 2009 TUŠ supermarkets received an award from the Slovenian Eko Fund institution for having created the most environmentally friendly shopping centre with very low carbon emissions in the town of Selnica ob Dravi. A whole range of Danfoss technology was used to achieve this fine result. "We installed ADAP-KOOL in connection with the supervising system, heat pumps and a photovoltaic solar system on the rooftop of the building. The system produces about 20% of the energy used in the store," Andrej Kušar says. TUŠ is now one of the most energy-efficient supermarket chains in Slovenia. 

Next step is a total store solution from Danfoss 

The next step is to gradually install CO2 refrigeration systems in all the stores and to install environmental friendly technology in general. 

"The results from Selnica ob Dravi show us that we are on the right track. However, this building is still not connected to one overall supervising system since the shop has several different technology suppliers. Currently only the refrigeration systems are supervised by Danfoss but our future plan is to supervise all energy technology in the store in Selnica ob Dravi via the Danfoss control system - such as heating, air-conditioning, CO2 refrigeration and lighting control," Andrej Kušar says. He hopes to use this concept of Total Store Solution in other TUŠ supermarkets as well. 

An investment plan for a store in Moravce has been made and the project is running. This will be first store in Slovenia to utilize a Total Store Solution from Danfoss. According to Andrej Kušar, it will lead to even better energy-saving results since the whole energy system will be controlled by one supervising system. Danfoss is focusing on training employees from the external maintenance companies that will take care of the regular servicing of the system. This is a decisive factor in order to run the control system as efficiently as possible to reduce the energy costs.

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