Superior control, universal application, competitive pricing – the new ERC 21x controller is here

Friday, 6 March 2015

Special unit protection, great flexibility and competitive price – these are just some of the many features of the new ERC 21x temperature controller from Danfoss. The ERC 21x is available now for a wide range of applications.

The new ERC 21x controller from Danfoss has arrived. The new controller offers all required functionality - plus a little more - for light commercial applications.

"With the new ERC 21x series you will get a highly reliable, cost efficient controller for cold counters, cold rooms, display cases and other stand-alone refrigeration applications. The ERC 21x comes with one, three or four relay output to fit most product programs and it is compatible with a wide range of sensors", explains Simone Ravazzolo, Product Manager from Danfoss.

The ERC 21x is an addition to the existing ERC platform that has so far primarily targeted glass door merchandisers. With the new ERC 21x, the popular controller has become even more flexible and widely available for universal applications.

Innovative technology at competitive prices

The usability of the ERC 21x controller is unique. The controller comes with pre-installed applications and food type selection for precise temperature control. Moreover, the built in voltage protection and zero cross relays protect compressor and condenser in daily operation to bring down the number of customer complaints and service calls.

"When using ERC for temperature control, you can offer your customers easy, safe and reliable operation at all times. Your customers are sure to appreciate the attractive design of the new controller with flat buttons for easy cleaning, and the intuitive menu structure that simplifies daily operation", says Simone Ravazzolo.

High energy efficiency

As always with Danfoss products, energy efficiency has been a key parameter in the design of the new ERC controller. This has resulted in several innovative features that reduce the energy consumption of the refrigeration unit. The built in evaporator fan control during the compressor-off cycle keeps a uniform temperature in the cooler and delays the compressor cut in for the next cycle. The need for defrosting is constantly monitored by a built in defrost sensor so that defrosting is only performed when necessary.

The ERC 21x is available with one, three or four relays for different applications. All required certificates and technical documentation are in place to make the ordering, mounting and testing of the controllers as easy as possible.

  • Compatible with a wide range of sensors and any kind of defrosting system
  • Pre-installed applications for easy set-up
  • Zero-cross switch and voltage protection of compressor and fan
  • Built in alarms for high/low temperature, door open, high/low voltage, etc.
  • Easy menu structure for superior usability
  • Attractive design – easy to clean
  • ERC 211: Single relay output for refrigeration and heating applications
  • ERC 213: Three relay output for ventilated refrigeration applications
  • ERC 214: Four relay output for ventilated refrigeration applications

If you want further information about the ERC 21x series and technical specifications please call your Danfoss contact or visit