100% Green supermarket to achieve 30% energy savings

Friday, 22 November 2013

The REMA 1000 supermarket in Trondheim, Norway stands out from most other grocery stores. It is 100% green and equipped with an innovative solution from Danfoss that will help the store obtain energy savings of 30%

REMA 1000 looks like a regular supermarket but then the resemblance stops: the store features green grass on the roof, air curtains at the entrance, four 170 meter-deep energy wells, and special panels mounted on the outside of the building to capture the most efficient use of natural light within the building.

Most importantly, REMA 1000 is green when it comes to energy savings: the supermarket has a brand new heat recovery system based on CO2.

“It is an extremely high-tech and integrated CO2 and heat recovery solution, and an innovative project. The basic idea behind the new solution is that the refrigeration system also serves as a heat pump in winter and provides cooling for the air handling unit in the summer. The surplus heat from the refrigeration system is applied for floor heating, heating up the supply air of the ventilation unit and keeping the pavements snow-and ice-free during the cold Norwegian winters,” Dr. and Senior Research Scientist, Armin Hafner from SINTEF Energy Research, says.

SINTEF Energy Research is an important partner for Danfoss. Three years ago, Danfoss and SINTEF Energy Research had the opportunity to create a green cooling and heating solution for REMA 1000 in Norway. Four Danfoss refrigeration and application specialists joined the project. One of the team members was Refrigeration Specialist, Frede Schmidt:

“In the view of an engineer specialized in refrigeration, this is a dream project because it covers all parts of energy – cooling, heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Creating the solution for REMA 1000 is a dream come true for engineers, and an extremely exciting project,” Frede Schmidt, adds.

Armin Hafner agrees: “For the first time in the history of refrigeration, we have implemented a 100% green heat recovery solution, and it is based on Danfoss know-how and controllers from Danfoss Electronic Controllers and Services.”

In the coming months, SINTEF Energy Research and Danfoss will monitor the energy efficiency of the system and expect REMA 1000 in Trondheim to be the future concept store for at least 150 Norwegian grocery stores to be built during the next few years. 

“The REMA 1000 in Trondheim is extremely unique because it has a lot of add-ons and extra equipment to measure the energy savings. It is basically a lab, and we are constantly measuring the energy and cost savings. Next week, we will train additional technicians and then copy-paste and select the best components of the solution and turn them into a standard package for the 150 stores in Norway. Finally, there will be a standard frame with plug & play equipment that can be installed within few days in new supermarkets.” 

The good collaboration between SINTEF and Danfoss will continue: 

“The team from Danfoss has done a great job. They are effective and constructive, and everyone who sees the store is impressed by the efforts and the high quality. SINTEF has many ongoing and upcoming projects, and we look forward to working with the team from Danfoss on new projects,” Armin Hafner concludes. 

Facts about the solution: 
• Danfoss has collaborated closely with SINTEF Energy Research, the Norwegian government, and supermarket chain REMA 1000 to provide 30% energy reduction in Norwegian supermarkets by 2020. 
• The store makes considerable use of floor heating, ventilation, air conditioning, snow melting and storage of thermal energy. 
• The team has combined refrigeration and heat pump functions, as well as the control of the air handling unit and the various heat storage devices. 
• Energy wells of 170 meters depth have been used to obtain free cooling during the summer and as a heat source for the heat pump in the winter. 
• The building solution features a new light function with special panels mounted on the outside of the building instead of windows, to obtain efficient use of natural light within the building. 
• The AK-SM 850, the new smart front-end controller by Danfoss, secures full energy control of the total store. 

Since the opening of the supermarket in mid-August 2013, the staff is enjoying the comfortable working environment and satisfied employees in turn benefit customers.

Photo Courtesy: SINTEF / Thor Nielsen

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