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The DST Edix™ communication tool enables two-way communication with smart sensors

The new DST Edix™ communication tool unlocks the full potential of smart sensor technology – all in the palm of your hand. The matchbox-sized tool handles communication protocol and enables read-and-write capabilities through the wireless and intuitive Edix™ Smart Sensor web-app. Virtually any device with a web-interface can be used as a user-interface. OEMs and customers can significantly shorten business-critical development time with quick sensor adaptation to new application needs – ensuring flawless pressure management when engineering applications and systems.

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Designed to optimize your engineering process and minimize time-consuming prototyping waves, the Edix™ communication tool interacts with Danfoss
smart sensors to create custom solutions. Instantly adjust, fine-tune, and gain richer sensor data in the design-in and test phase – boosting your business with smart new benefits.

Features and benefits

Shorter development time
Quick sensor adaptation to new application needs

Health of the device
Internal diagnostics can be assessed without dismantling the sensor

Qualification/release process
Improved time to market and success rate

Configure basic settings to find optimal configuration before locking down on sensor parameters for volume purchase

Remote support
Enable us to offer you global access to remote technical support by utilizing the new download and upload features for sensor data and file-handling
– during the design-in phase

Speak with your sensor

Learn about the new Edix™ communication tool, a digital sensor solution that significantly
optimizes and eases your engineering processes.

Download the Edix™ communication tool Startup Guide

A step-by-step startup guide to unlocking the power of the Edix™ communication tool today.


Unpack all the features and benefits of the Edix™ communication tool

Watch videos that will help you get the most out of your smart sensors with the Edix™ communication tool.


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