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Danfoss Icon™ - designed to make people’s lives easier

Danfoss Icon™ - designed to make people’s lives easier

Advanced room controls for hydronic floor heating and other applications with actuators. Designed like a light switch to complement the interior.

Modular concept to cover every application:
Wireless, 24V and 230V.

Danfoss Icon™ - room thermostat for floor heating

Danfoss Icon™ - room thermostat for floor heating

There are many great occasions to upgrade your underfloor heating control. When you swing the paintbrush and lack the final finish.
When you are tired of the heat being unevenly distributed in your home. Or when you just want more comfort and greater savings. Danfoss Icon™ does it all. Quite simple.

Tools and apps

Danfoss Icon™ App

Danfoss Icon™ App

With the Danfoss Icon™ App, you can control the heat throughout the house from one screen.

Download it for free in the App Store or Google Play and try the demo version. See for yourself how easy and intuitive it can be to have complete control of the floor heating.

How it works

6 good reasons to take a closer look at Danfoss Icon™ floor heating


Danfoss Icon™ smart underfloor heating for all homes

Advanced control for water-based underfloor heating

  • Good design
  • Optimal comfort
  • App management
  • Suitable for all homes with underfloor heating


Want to know more about the technology in Danfoss Icon™?

Danfoss Icon™ is smart and modern control of your underfloor heating. Get an overview of Danfoss Icon™ here.
Danfoss Icon™ floor heating is available in different variants.
Danfoss Icon™ is available both as wireless and wired. The wireless room thermostats are mounted on the wall and the wired ones can be mounted in a euro socket. This allows you to find a new solution that fits what you already have. Click here and learn more.
24V or 230V?
You can get a system that fits exactly to your current installation. Check if the actuators are 230V or 24V. If they are 24V, they can be reused and you can get all the advanced options that the 24V system offers. But if you have 230V today, you can easily switch to 24V. Learn more about thermoactuators here.

Case studies


Are you looking for specific product information?

Are you looking for specific product information for new or already installed products?

Click here to find documentation, software info, installation videos and guides.

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Smart heating by Danfoss

Smart heating by Danfoss

Danfoss smart heating has a solution for every home and every need, from a stand-alone smart radiator thermostat to complete smart heating solutions for total control

 – anytime anywhere.