Micro plate heat exchangers

Innovative plate design optimizes heat transfer

The Micro Plate Heat Exchanger (MPHE) is ideal for use in heat pumps, chillers and close control systems for cooling capacities up 400 kW / 115 TR in single or dual circuits. Their innovative plate design optimizes heat transfer whether in your condenser or evaporator with high reliability to achieve increased efficiency with a reduced refrigerant charge.

High efficient micro channel heat exchanger

Our newest innovation, Z-design Micro Plate Heat Exchangers, are higher efficiency evaporators. They feature dimple-design plates, which provide an asymmetrical refrigerant circulation in a Z-shape pattern to optimize the surface area and therefore increase the heat transfer.

Features and benefits

Compact design, 30% less weight *

20 percent reduced refrigerant charge*

40 percent higher heat transfer*

Compatible with several refrigerant options

*Z pattern design performance, under same conditions and compared to non-Z design pattern MPHE

Generation Z – a game changer

Whether Z stands for zero, or for the Z flow pattern of fluids across the heat exchanger plate, all of these are relevant. Using these heat exchangers, HVAC-R manufacturers can achieve significantly better economic and environmental performance with high efficiency. 

The secret is in the asymmetric Z-shaped flow. A completely rethought plate pattern pushes the performance of your evaporator to the limits. At the same time, they help achieve a highly stable evaporation process, made possible to reduce refrigerant volume and use less raw material in the heat exchanger's construction.

The new series employs a dimple-based design, which promotes an asymmetric Z-shaped flow of fluid across the plates. Not only does this maximize the heat transfer surface, but the liquid and vapor phases of the refrigerant also remain well mixed, ensuring even thermal contact with the water side of the system. The same heat transfer capacity can therefore be achieved with fewer plates, which reduces both raw material needs and product weight. With each new generation of heat exchanger, Danfoss has improved efficiency. This latest step sets out to disrupt the industry status quo with 20% more efficient heat transfer, 20% lower refrigerant charge and 20% lower raw material weight. All these goals have been achieved and in some cases exceeded with the Z- design evaporators for chiller and heat pump applications.

Generation Z heat exchangers for evaporator in chillers, heat pumps and other refrigeration applications enables the creation of a new generations of systems for new constructions or renovation projects. 

Generation Z range - Danfoss

This Danish university is at the forefront of the refrigerant revolution with low-GWP scroll chillers

Advanced labs for education and research will put a high demand on the cooling system. Therefore, Danfoss and partner G.I. Industrial Holding are introducing one of the first chillers using the refrigerant R452B. It has some of the lowest Global Warming Potential for scroll systems available today.