Mechanical radiator thermostats and valves

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TRV quality and simplicity

With quality radiator thermostats & valves and our easy product selection guide we can help you get the most out of your working hours. You can easily find the right product, get it installed and get on with other jobs.

Quality can make all the difference in a day. We strive to simplify your day with high quality products you can count on and we offer 10 years warranty when the thermostat and valve are installed together by you as a professional installer.

Product simplicity

Check out our easy and simple product overview and find exactly what you need.
We have a thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) for any challenge:

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Trust 75 years of experience

For almost a century we have worked to perfect thermostats and valves to provide the best indoor comfort for families across the globe. In 1943 we invented the very first thermostatic valve by introducing a brand new bellow technology. This technology has lived on for 75 years as the main component to secure energy efficient heating of homes.

Now we are honouring this legacy by offering a new 5 years warranty on all radiator thermostats and valves, to help you provide the best possible service and comfort for your customers with products you can trust.

Choose your warranty below:

Extend to 10 years warranty

Danfoss thermostats and valves are designed to work perfectly together to achieve the highest energy efficiency.

When you combine a valve and a thermostat you get 10 years warranty on each of the products, if the installation is carried out by a professional installer. This means that you can double the warranty when you install the products together.

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Upgrading radiator thermostats and valves matters

It only takes 30 minutes to save 100 kg CO2 a year.

The thermostatic radiator valve might be a small product, but it has huge potential to make real energy savings. Replacing an old manual valve with a new thermostatic valve can save as much as 100 kg CO2 a year, which equals to driving roughly 480 kilometres in your car. If you preset the valve, the potential is even higher and it only takes 30 minutes to do the installation.

The payback time is very short - less than 2 years -, which makes upgrading TRVs the cheapest way to easily achieve big energy savings in our homes.

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Your extended digital toolbox

Dive into our app with tools that save you time on balancing, sensor replacement, valve replacement and more.

The Danfoss Installer app is like having a second toolbox right in your pocket - at the point of installation!