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The challenge: common perceptions

Despite traction of connected devices from early technology adopters, the level of penetration of connectivity in households and small buildings is still very low. 

Connectivity is still perceived to be lacking in simplicity, reliability, and efficiency. The belief is that interoperability is too complex and lacks post-sales and installation support.

The solution: a unique partnership

At Danfoss, Schneider Electric and Somfy we believe it is time for major industrial players to partner together and bring connectivity to its maturity stage, to deliver efficient solutions that work simply together and that improve value for end users. 
This is why we have joined forces to create the connectivity ecosystem that will boost the adoption of connectivity technologies in the residential and mid-size markets, and thus enhance the living and working experience for people, everywhere.

More than 300 years of industry expertise

Combining more than 300 years of industry expertise, we aim to redefine the future of connectivity, advance active energy efficiency, security and comfort.

A large, global network of trained installers with local services and support

We have developed a network of over 300,000 installers from around the globe with whom we have mutual trust and understanding. Our channel partners – Schneider Electric EcoXperts, Somfy Experts, and Danfoss – offer the expertise required to continue to build and develop connectivity maturity.
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Three leaders join forces to increase the adoption of connectivity

Our commitments

Seamless and simple integration

By aligning our connectivity and technology strategies, we ensure the development of an open ecosystem, making our products seamlessly interoperable at the controller level – or at the cloud level through an application programming interface (API). 

Qualified use cases

Connectivity only makes sense if our value propositions meet our customer expectations. This is why we are engaged with customers and partners, reviewing and co-developing customized solutions for selected segments. 
We have tested, validated and documented solutions that our expert installers and system integrators are trained on and ready to support.


General questions

No, it is a partnership.

No there is no exclusivity of partnership.

We start as 3 companies but the aim is to welcome more in a step by step approach.

We align our connectivity and technology strategy to ensure the development of an open ecosystem:

  • API is made available to connect the various apps
  • Product can connect with the controller box of other parties
  • Technology and connectivity roadmaps are aligned

We develop & launch use cases for selected sub-segments and geographies
with simple and seamless integration of our different applications and tangible
added-value both for our installers and for our end-users.

We actively promote the added-value of connected solutions in residential, midsize commercial buildings and hotels to optimize efficiency and enhance comfort and security through common events and communication means and active participation to Influence bodies.

We select use cases (segments, geographies) where Danfoss, SE & Somfy offers are complementary and where the combination brings real added value to our

Somfy, in order to make life easier for its customers and consumers and thus promote the emergence of the connected home, has identified openness as a priority. The launch of IO-Homecontrol in 2008 with Velux illustrates this desire for interoperability with other applications of the homes & buildings.

At IFA 2017, Somfy launched the program "So Open with Somfy", which presents the various connectivity solutions they are working on: Open Platform, Open Protocols, Open Ecosystems, Open API ... These partnerships are  FAQ for Connectivity Ecosystem Property of Schneider Electric, Somfy and Danfoss companies foremost for most of them "technical compatibilities" and naturally non exclusives (example for heating: Atlantic, Thermor, Hitachi, De Dietrich, ..). 

The goal is to make life easier for our customers and consumers who are often multi-equipped, with different brands. They are looking for connectivity and of course simplicity through interoperability.

The partnership Somfy is launching today with Schneider and Danfoss has a different ambition; we want to go further than just interoperability:

  • by working several use-cases that make sense for our customers & consumers in our different markets and territories,
  • by moving forward with common customers and go-to-market
  • by deploying tools such as technical support, sales support, marketing and communication tools.

No. The partnership is complementary to the development and deployment of the connected platforms of each company. ie Schneider Electric Wiser, Somfy TaHoma & Danfoss smart heating will continue to be developed following their own roadmap, incl a multi-application approach and deployed in their own channels.

  • Be aligned on the Philosophy and Ambition of the ‘Connectivity Ecosystem’
  • Bring complementary application leadership
  • Align on connectivity and technology strategy to ensure the development of an open ecosystem
  • Address selected segments and markets together to develop qualified use cases
  • Leverage and train their respective installer networks to deploy and support these multi-application solutions

Commercial questions

There will be no change - Products from the different parties sold under their own brand. There will be no co-branding.

It is a case by case approach. It is defined for each use case. But the most usual case is the prescription of the solution, then each company delivers its products through its channel.

Technical questions

There is not a single answer. It depends of the use case but in a nutshell, it could be done by product integration at edge (controller) level or by data sharing at cloud level through API. The aim is definitively to have a seamless and easy integration making the solution more effective and easiest to commission.

We share technical data but no personal information through API.

Use case related questions

We select sub-segment (i.e. mid-end to luxury hotels hotel, Multi Family Home) and geography where the combination of our solutions will bring tangible values to our customers and to our installers - For each selected use case we develop & launch a tested validated documented solution. Installers and system integrators are trained to commission and support this combined solution.

  • Hotel with a fully integrated guest room management, with a primary focus in APAC
  • Residential High-end smart home solution with the best-of-breed controls combined in a smooth integrated system, with a primary focus in Europe
  • New housing, or comprehensive home renovation or upgrade solution with the first smart-home ready electrical panel, with a primary focus in Europe

They are in Proof of Concept at this stage - Availability of each use case will be confirmed later.

We are still working on the geographical assessment of the use cases. The main region of focus for the Hotel use case is APAC, Europe for the Residential high-end smart home solution and for the smart home ready electrical panel. We are not ready to communicate precise countries deployment at this stage.

We work on the main concerns of our customers and segments, and particularly when FAQ for Connectivity Ecosystem Property of Schneider Electric, Somfy and Danfoss companies it comes to seamless integration of multi-applications, define use cases that have real potential added-values both for our channel installers and for our customers, design a Proof Of Concept and test it with key customers. If the added-value for our customers is confirmed, we then launch the development of the integration of the solution.

Yes, we have several segments where we think we could provide additional values by combining part of our solutions but they are still in an assessment stage so it is too early to be shared.

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