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Every home can be heated smarter - find the right solution for you

Smart heating is about being in full control

Smart heating is about being in full control

Danfoss smart heating solutions ensure that the temperature stays just the way you like it. You can easily schedule your heating to match your daily life and routine. With unrivaled precision and maximum cost savings.

And your home will be warm and cosy whether you're asleep, awake or returning home, while increasing energy efficiency and lowering your bills.

Find the solution that fits your needs and enjoy the ultimate comfort experience.

Here's our best tips and tricks for smarter heating

- follow them and enjoy the energy savings, CO2 reductions and comfort of smart heating!

If you replace your old radiator thermostats (older than 15 years) with intelligent Danfoss thermostats, you can save up to 30% of your heating costs.

Lower the temperature while you are at work or at night, to 17°C.

If you set different temperatures in several rooms, remember to close the intermediate doors.

Activate the holiday function when you leave for vacation.

Radiator heating



Features Danfoss Eco™
Energy saving
Standalone system
Connected system  
Smart Home integration


Open API  
Control from everywhere  
Intuitive to use
Intelligent smart heating
Optimized heating control  

Floor heating


Hydronic Floor Heating

Features Danfoss Icon™
Smart Home integration  
Open API  
Control from everywhere
Intuitive to use
Intelligent smart heating
Wired thermostats
Wireless thermostats
Supply temperature control

Boiler & Radiator

Features of TPOne™ S

Boiler & Radiator

 Features  Danfoss TPOne™ S
Energy saving
Connected system
Voice control
Amazon Alexa
Time and temperature control
Flexible heating schedules
Hot water control
Control from everywhere
Product interface  + app control
Intuitive to use
Intelligent smart heating


Make an impact

Did you know that buildings are responsible for approximately 40% of energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions in the EU.?

Currently, about 35% of the EU's buildings are over 50 years old and over 75% of the building stock is energy inefficient, while only 0.4-1.2% (depending on the country) of the building stock is renovated each year. More renovation of existing buildings has the potential to lead to significant energy savings. According to the Ecofys Study, EU citizens could achieve 67 billion euro savings annually on their energy bills by 2030.

Danfoss heating expertise

Every day we heat more than 43 MILLIONS HOMES ACROSS EUROPE

Every day we heat more than 43 million homes across Europe.

Watch the video and learn more about Danfoss heating expertise

Keeping families comfortable for 75 years

In the 1940s, Danfoss developed the radiator thermostat. Back then it was an innovative and costly technology only for the chosen few.
Today, we offer affordable and energy-efficient solutions for our homeowners to control their indoor temperature with low impact on the environment.  
For 75 years, we have been the market leader in automatic heating control technology, ensuring comfort for families and 43 million European homes.

We spend 90% of our time inside, so make it as comfortable as possible

Our innovative range of smart heating solutions, make it easy for you to take your home’s indoor climate to a new level of comfort.
The temperature will automatically adapt to your lifestyle needs and ensure exactly the right temperature at the right time. Danfoss Smart Heating is compatible with 96% of all heating systems.

Oil – Gas – District Heating – Heat Pumps

We turn experience into future-proof solutions

In cooperation with entrepreneurs, and through a global network of digital and industry expertise, Danfoss develops and tests new digital business ideas. The competence centre for digital solutions and business models is located in Berlin, the European Silicon Valley.

How to buy

Where can I buy a Danfoss Smart Heating Solution?

Ask your local Danfoss Customer Service Centre for detailed information on where to buy.